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Alex Has Arrived!

Alex Blog - 18

Baby Alex
In The Studio

We have waited months to meet Alex, and we were so excited to capture a few photos during his first week. We met our friends, Ashley and Chris, at our studio to document the little man’s first few days. They even indulged me in trying a photo that was inspired by Wengenn In Wonderland.. This mom and artist’s blog is definitely worth checking out. Alex did great behind the camera, and we are so happy to have documented this precious and fleeting time in this little man’s life. It is amazing how quickly they grow and change. I am sure the next photo session will be very different.

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Anticipating Your Arrival

Leigha, Bryan, (and Amanda)
At Home…excited and waiting to meet their babies

Leigha and Bryan were married about a year and a half ago. We love these two. Leigha and I check in with each other from time to time, so I was quite excited to get the email telling me she was pregnant and would love some photos. As many of you know (we love to talk about her), we have a year old daughter. We love anything baby and child related. So, we couldn’t wait to head over to Leigha and Bryan’s house to catch up with the soon to be parents, document Leigha’s pregnancy, and of course offer a few tidbits about parenthood from our experience. (Parents, we just can’t help it!)

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