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Lilli’s Bat Mitzvah–Farmington Gardens


Lilli’s Bat Mitzvah
December 20, 2014
Farmington Gardens

Jake and I joined Lilli and her family for a fun filled night at the Farmington Gardens. Lilli was celebrating her 13th birthday (a little bit early) and her Jewish coming of age with family and friends. Jake and I were at synagogue during services. We were able to hear her at reading and she did amazing. This was a well deserved night of dancing and games as a reward to the months of hard work. Boppers Events did a great job as usual of getting people out of the seats and on the dance floor. The details were a great complement to the night and a special girl. The party was a fantastic way to spend a chilly winter night. Lilli is a sweetie, and we were very honored to capture the memories for her and her family.

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