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A Day In The Life–Our Family Photo Album


People say to us all the time, “you must have the most amazing photos of your children.”  the truth is that while we do have some photos we love, we are constantly challenged by our girls.  They are the toughest subjects we have ever had!  We love family sessions and taking photos of children.  They are sessions we can’t wait to get to and have a hard time when it comes to editing.  Every moment captured of a child is such a precious moment.  When we are in a session the camera is always clicking so we can catch those fleeting moments.

See the photos and read the whole story

Gabriela’s Newborn Photos


Sweet, adorable Gabriela is my pseudo niece.  Her mama is my “sista from another mista,” my bestie of almost 30 years!  Jake and I were very excited to spend some of our Valentines Day photographing our favorite new family.  Gabby was quite excited for her camera debut.  She wasn’t about to sleep through all the fun.  We got bright eyed photos to go along with the sweet baby smile Jake was able to catch.  We are so excited for Karen and Dave as they embark on their parenting journey.  Welcome to the club!

See the photos and read the whole story