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Family Session–Granby, CT


Family Session
J.Koteen Outdoor Studio

North Granby, CT


Here are a few photos from this fun mini session.  The family joined us on our property last week.  It was a sun filled morning and nice day for photos.  It has been so nice to use our property for sessions.  It is amazing how in the end each session always looks unique and different despite the same location.  We have grand plans for this “outdoor studio.”  We really appreciate everyone joining us for photos on site since we are seeing all the things we love about the land and the areas we want to expand upon it.  Thanks everyone for coming out and letting us take you photos.  We really enjoyed meeting everyone!

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Family Session–Holcomb Farm

Family Session

Holcomb Farm
Granby, CT


This sweet family has found themselves on our blog again.  We love seeing families over and over.  Just like with our own kids, it is so rewarding to watch the little ones grow.  And we have been watching these two grow up over the last couple years.  I can’t believe that Jake has started first grade and Emilie is a spunky, talking,  two year old, girly girl.  As usual Jake got right into photo mode.  He smiled on command, and even hammed it up for the camera.  He is such a well spoken and polite boy.  I am sure Chistina and Kevin will be pleasantly surprised by all the smiling photos of Emi.  She was like any two year old at a session.  There were moments of unhappiness followed by endless smiles and giggles.  This is why we always love time during a session to let the kids run around and be themselves.  Family photos are sometimes difficult but candid photos always represent a child’s personality so well.  It is great to have the time to play around and catch those moments with the camera.

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Family Photo Session


Nodbrook Park
Avon, CT


We have met a lot of kids throughout the years.  Photographing families is my favorite part of our job.  As parents we know just how important it is to capture all the precious moments and stages of a kid’s life.  Even the stages that aren’t your favorite are nice to look back upon and realize that it passed by too quickly.  We tell parents all the time that any emotion or behavior during a session is ok with us since it is just capturing life’s real moments and fleeting stages.  And to be honest sometimes it is just too funny to catch not only a silly moment but moments of discontent.  Kids are cute no matter what they are doing.  HOWEVER this little man was amazing for us and the cameras.  He laughed.  He smiled.  He ran all around wanting to explore.  And most importantly, he loved to look at the camera on command.  He was the best!  It isn’t easy to for a two year old to be entertained, happy, and cooperative for a hour, but he did it.  It was such an amazing session with some amazing results.  Thanks everyone for a great time!

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Family Photo Session–Avon, CT


We headed out for a session in one of our favorite photo spots in Avon.  The weather kept us on our toes.  It seemed like the rain could come at any moment.  Instead the skies opened, and we had a mild fall evening to run around outside.  The kids enjoyed the open fields and the little bridge over the water.  There are endless things to capture a kid’s attention and keep them entertained.  It is all a matter of keeping up with their enthusiasm.  There is no shortage of cuteness with these three kids.  It was a great time running around capturing photos of these adorable kids.  Thanks for a fun session!

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Courtney & Evan


Courtney & Evan
October 9, 2016

Ceremony: Hartford Yacht Club, Glastonbury, CT

Photos: South Glastonbury


Here is a little preview of this fun, fall wedding.  These two braved the rain, the wind, and the cold to keep alive their wedding day vision.  Courtney arrived by boat.  They married outside under a beautiful tree overlooking the Connecticut River.  AND we took all their photos outside even with the rain coming down!  There are more to come, but in the meantime enjoy.

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Elise & Sean–Wedding @ The Society Room


Elise & Sean

September 24, 2016

Residence Inn Downtown Hartford

Bushnell Park

The Society Room


When Elise and Sean planned their wedding, they were hoping for outdoor photos, a great night time reception, and a day that was beginning to feel a little like fall.  They got all three things.  It was the first weekend in September that had a nice cool breeze, beautiful light in the park, and an early enough sunset to have a evening party downtown.  The Society Room was a perfect venue to capture that romantic and elegant vibe.

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Family Photos–Westmoor Park


David, Ashley, Theo, and August


We had a perfect evening for stroll and some photos in Westmoor Park.  The sun was close to setting, so we took a walk through the grass trails through the park.  Last time we did photos the whole family wasn’t with us.  David wasn’t at the session and Auggie was still in Ashley’s belly.  This time we got the whole family together for a fun time in the park.  Theo was his usual adorable self.  He knows how to turn on the charm for the camera.  August was incredibly alert for a baby only a couple months old.  Not that you can’t tell in person these two cuties are brothers, but you can really see the resemblance in photos.  Both boys were a delight to photograph.  We can’t wait to watch how they grow and change.  David and Ashley congrats on your beautiful and expanding family!

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Emily & Nick–Society Room Wedding


Emily & Nick

September 17, 2016

Elizabeth Park & Society Room

Jake and I were so honored to have been a part of this day.  Although the day leading up to the wedding was a bit stressful for these two, it made the day more enjoyable.  I was so impressed with how relaxed Emily and Nick were from beginning to end.  From the moment the church doors opened and they locked eyes, they stayed focused on each other for the day.  There were so many moments throughout the whole day that we caught these two admiring each other truly caught up in their love.

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