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Family Session–Westmoor Park


Family Session

Westmoor Park, West Hartford CT

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for family and celebration.  This was a big year for the family to celebrate.  Mom and Dad just had their 50th wedding anniversary!  This life’s tremendous milestone was cause for all the kids to come home from all over the country.  They came from Florida, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii to cook together, eat together, laugh together, and take photos together.  We were very honored to capture the family gathering for this funny, sweet family.  We especially love when the photos involve some fun props.  Despite the cold temps, we had a fun time walking around outside in the fresh air.

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Family Photos–Westmoor Park


Family Photo Session

Westmoor Park


What better way is there to celebrate a holiday weekend and work off all the yummy food than a family photo session.  Although it was a brisk day, the girls were great!  We headed into Weetmoor Park and got them running around so they would forget all about the chilly temps and just have fun.  it worked!  It wasn’t long until they were laughing, smiling, and tossing the jackets aside for some adorable photos. The combination of fall light and tall grass creates beautiful photos that make me smile.  I hope you enjoy smiling through these.

See the photos and read the whole story