Welcome to our website. My name is Jessica and I am the official blog writer for J.Koteen photography, and one of the “J”‘s implied in the name. My husband, Jake and I live and work in CT. Jake is the professional photographer in this duo having graduated from The Brooks Institute in CA. And, I am a product of Jake’s teaching and a continual work in progress. After college, I put down the camera and joined the world of sales, but I decided to pick it back up a few years ago and reacquaint myself with it. Together we make up J.Koteen Photography. We enjoy all the people we have met and worked with along the way. Wherever life brings us and whatever we find ourselves doing, I like to put in my blog. So, I hope you enjoy reading and checking out the photos. And, I should mention, we always love to hear what you think! Or if you have a question… Just Ask!