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Kelley & Laura–Engagement Session


Kelley & Laura

White Memorial Park

Litchfield, CT

This summer Jake and I discovered White Memorial Park in Litchfield, CT.  We went on Thursdays for their summer race series and fell in love.  It is conservationist land with 40 miles of trails.  The first time we were there I decided that we MUST do an engagement session in the park.  I thought it would be magical.  I was not disappointed!

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Celebrating 15 years!–Family Session in Granby, CT


Granby Family Session

J.Koteen Outdoor Studio

Last week was Elana and Scott’s 15 year anniversary.  They decided to celebrate by spending a little time with us!  The family made the drive out to Granby in time to catch the nicest light of the day.  It was a fun session full of laughs, a few bugs, and beautiful photos.  It was a pleasure to meet the family.  I hope Jake and I provided enough entertainment to help commemorate this momentous day.  Happy anniversary to the both of you!

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“Dress for the Sess”


Hello Summer, it is so nice to see you!!

With the warmer weather and longer days, it is the perfect time to think about family photos and engagement sessions. The most frequently asked question I receive is “what should we wear?” This is an important question with an answer to which I will give a lengthy response, share my opinion, and give some examples. Taking this advice for your session does require some effort. Viewing your photos and deciding that you didn’t wear the appropriate clothes will instantly change your feelings on your photography session. Those photos will likely end up stored and forgotten. Therefore, you will be happy you put the time into outfitting yourself, your partner, and your family.

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Megan & Jeff–The PROPOSAL at Enders Falls


Megan & Jeff

Proposal at Enders Falls

Granby, CT


I have been excited about posting this blog for quite some time.  Our friend Jeff of JF3 Productions, gave us a call and asked if we would photograph his proposal.  We were immediately excited about the idea.  He also happened to pick a location that is just down the street from our house, so it could not have been better.  Sadly for Jeff, he woke up to a cold, fall day filled with rain, which was sandwiched between weeks of gorgeous warm weather.  I sent him a message asking if we were still a go.  The date was engraved into the ring, so he gave me the thumbs up, and off we all went to the falls.

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Barbara and Tom–Cranbury Park Engagement Shoot


Barbara and Tom

Engagement Photos

Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT


Jake and I really want to thank Barbara and Tom for braving the cold and getting us out in the snow for some photos.  Last weekend we took advantage of what seemed like a warm day.  The temp reached the 30s, which almost felt spring like in comparison to recent frigid temperatures.  When we planned the photo shoot weeks ago, we could not have asked for a better day.   It was awesome to get out of the indoors, trudge through the snow, and actually enjoy the winter.  I feel like I have been cooped up inside waiting for a good reason to force me out and into the fresh air.  This was the perfect activity to get us all out and breathing the outside air.  None of us had been to Cranbury Park before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect for a park in the winter.  There is a beautiful old mansion on the property, which we had assumed we might use for some photos.  We didn’t realize that Cranbury Park actually has a frisbee golf course.  Believe it or not, last Saturday there was a tournament for charity!  They, too, were braving the snow and ice and occupying the mansion.  So instead, we headed out on the extensive trails throughout the park.  The landscape provided us with a beautiful winter wonderland.  Barbara and Tom were fun and easy going subjects who were willing to take on any suggestion we had.  This included walking through deep snow, sitting on the wet cold ground, and yes, even lying in it all for the sake of a fun photo.  Each time we get out for a winter engagement session we remember just how much fun they are to do.  It is always nice to have something fun and different to look forward to during the long, long northeast winter.  Here are a few photos from our session.  I can’t wait to get back to the park in the spring and maybe even try a new frisbee golf course!

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Sandra & Jason–Engagement Shoot


Sandra & Jason
June 24, 2014
Engagement Shoot & Family Photos
Location: At Home & Southford Falls

Sandra and Jason are not only joining their lives together in marriage, but they are joining their families together. They each have two children and together a son. It is a true blending of families, and we could not be more excited or happy for this couple. The are warm and welcoming duo. From the moment we met them, we felt like we had known them forever. And that feeling was reinforced when we met up with them for photos last week. Sandra’s daughters and their son were present for a few family photos at the house. Like any children, they wanted to ham it up for the camera. After some group photos, we stole mom and dad for a few photos of their own. We headed over to Southford Falls with Sandra and Jason for some beautiful photos to commemorate this joyous time in their lives. We can’t wait for the wedding in just a couple weeks!

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Kat & Matt–Engagement Shoot At Harkness Park


Kat & Matt
Engagement Shoot
June 2, 2014
Harkness Park, Waterford, CT

Kat and Matt just sounds cute. Then you meet them, and they are cute! They were committed to their engagement photos, and we appreciated their enthusiasm. These two drove all the way from NYC (per their suggestion) to meet us at our favorite CT park. Harkness never disappoints for photos. We walked from one end to the next giving this couple the full tour. After a couple hours, we had many laughs and captured many great photos. Enjoy!

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Laura & Steven–Up On The Hill

laura and steven blog - 25

Laura and Steven
Engagement Shoot
Lyman Orchards

We met Laura and Steven a few weeks ago at Lyman Orchards for their engagement shoot. They live not far from the orchards and thought it would be a great backdrop for photos. It was awesome! However, for those of you who have not done the Lyman experience, it is massive! There are acres and acres of land, fruit trees, and even a golf course. Laura and Steven were open to our suggestions on photos, yet we had no idea where to even begin! Jake and I were there early looking around and getting ideas, when we met our angel of the orchard. I decided to ask this sweet looking girl who was shutting down the farm stand if she had any ideas. I figured who better than an employee to give us the scoop on great photo locations. Gracie was excited and eager to help. She hoped in her SUV and we followed her down paths we would have never explored on our own. She walked us to her favorite spots in the apple and peach orchards. And she showed us some incredible views. We took it all in and used many of the locations she showed us. The light was gorgeous, Laura and Steven did great with the camera, and we LOVE the photos. So Laura and Steven, thanks for choosing such a great location and being awesome subjects. And Gracie, thanks for the tour. It wouldn’t have been as fun and successful without your help!

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Laura & Steven–SNEAK PEEK

Laura & Steven - 268

Laura & Steven Engagement Session
Lyman Orchards

We had an awesome time exploring Lyman Orchards on Sunday evening with Laura and Steven. We had gorgeous weather and a beautiful sunset on the hilltop. The acreage is extensive, and we weren’t quite sure where to head for photos. So we enlisted the help of Gracie at the orchard to give us a mini tour of some must see spots. She gave us some great ideas. Here is a peek at some of the photos. There are more to come soon…

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Michelle and Scott–The Time is Almost Here

Michelle & Scott - 208

Michelle and Scott
Engagement Shoot
Southford Falls

Jake and I had an another beautiful engagement shoot the other day. Michelle and Scott are gorgeous couple. Their wedding is coming up in a little over a month, and we can’t wait. They have a ton of exciting stuff planned, which we have promised to keep a secret. But you will definitely have to check back for their wedding blog to see how their wedding vision comes to life.

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Leslie & Mike–An Urban Oasis

2 - 24

Leslie and Mike’s Engagement Shoot
Boston Common

We had our first engagement shoot of the spring, and it was gorgeous. Leslie and Mike were awesome to photograph. They were fun, photogenic, and daring. We started in Boston Common where the park is in full bloom. There was almost too much beauty. It was hard not to stop on every bench and under every tree for a photo. In fact, Leslie and Mike probably felt like we did. The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful for an evening stroll. Leslie and Mike looked great every time they posed for a photo. And once they warmed up to the camera, they were truly up for anything. After we left the park, we took a stroll down a few of the bordering streets. In platform heels Leslie was persuaded to climb up a concrete wall for a photo. She looked a bit skeptical but she and Mike scaled the wall like champs. It was all worth it for a great shot of the Boston skyline as the sun was setting! We couldn’t have asked for better subjects or a better day for photos. Leslie and Mike, thanks for the Boston adventure. We can’t wait for the wedding!

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Leslie & Mike–Engagement Preview

3 - 02

Leslie and Mike
Boston Common

Jake and I headed to Boston this week for an incredible engagement shoot. The weather was gorgeous. The sun was shining. The tulips were in the bloom. The flowers were budding on the trees, and Leslie and Mike look amazing. They are a fun and extremely photogenic duo. There are more photos to come soon. But enjoy the preview!

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Sarah and Andrew–A Love To Be Thankful For

Sarah and Andrew Blog - 15

Jake and I had a great engagement shoot with this couple over the holiday weekend. We met them at their wedding venue otherwise known as Andrew’s family home. Sarah and Andrew currently live in Minneapolis, MN, so we had to take advantage of the time they had in town for some photos. While it was a bit brisk outside, it could not have been a better time for a photo shoot.

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Matt and Kate–A LOVEly Stroll

Kate and Matt Blog - 30

Matt and Kate
Engagement Photos
Boston Common

Jake and I headed to Boston Common for a great engagement shoot. Kate and Matt met at college in Boston, so they thought it fitting to take their photos in a city that is so special to both of them. We always the love the idea of heading to new places and using locations with a personal suggestion. It was a beautiful afternoon for photos in the Park. But we weren’t the only people to have the idea. The park was packed with people enjoying the weather, walking their dogs, and playing with children and friends. We even saw a few bridal parties having their photos taken. Kate and Matt did an amazing job of blocking out everyone but each other. We had a great time with them as we moved throughout the park taking advantage of its beautiful scenery. Kate even brought along some fun props that everyone enjoyed using. Kate and Matt, thanks for a great trip to Boston! Enjoy…

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Kristy & Guy

kristy and guy blog - 20

Kristy and Guy
Engagement Photos
Wickham Park

Kristy and Guy are adorable and fun. We had a great time taking photos with them. We somehow managed to choose the two busiest days to attempt a photo session at Wickham Park. We decided against a day with a war reenactment. Only we ended up finding ourselves in the midst of an invitational, high school cross country race. You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but the park was packed. I have never seen it so crowded before! However, Kristy and Guy did great. They were good sports about dodging the crowd and finding quieter places in the park for photos. We also decided to leave the madness and head down the street for a walk along a beautiful trail. The colors really represented the fall feel Kristy and Guy were looking to capture. And the trail was a beautiful place for us all to take a stroll. Enjoy the photos!

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They might look familiar


but we love them just the same!

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A few fun images of the day

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