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Family Photos @ Home


Braden is just the cutest baby ever.  The expressions just make me laugh and smile each time I look at the photos.  We had such a nice evening at the family home capturing everyone together now that they are a family of four.  Big sister Robin showed off her new balance beam skills and beaming smile.  The kids were truly a pleasure to capture.  Braden gave us the best smiles and everyone seemed to really enjoy their time together behind the camera.  We always love sessions at home where everyone can be relaxed and feel themselves.  It offers the perfect opportunity to capture real candid moments of joy, happiness, and the nature of being a family.  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do!

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Family Beach Session


Jake and I headed to the beach for a gorgeous night along the Connecticut shore.  I love it when a photo shoot has me barefoot with my toes in the sand!  This family has their summertime get together at the family cottage; and we love when we get to be apart of the festivities.  Everyone was relaxed and sun kissed.  As usual we had a great time with everyone.

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First Birthday Session


Any parent will tell you that when it comes to kids, time flies.  A day can seem long, but a year will go by in a flash.  I cannot believe that this little girl turned one.  She is sweet, adorable, and happy.  She is a true second child moving along through life letting her presence be known and keeping her big brother on his toes.  When her big brother turned one, we did family photos in the park.  This was such a fun way to commemorate another first birthday.  We had a gorgeous morning and the roses were all in bloom.  It was the perfect day to play in the grass and celebrate a birthday.

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Family Session–Backyard Party


Every year the family has a party on Father’s Day.  This year they asked us to join the festivities with our cameras!  This was a year when father’s day had even more meaning as there were many new dads in attendance.Since last winter there have been 4 new additions to the family and one more coming in September!   Jake and I had the privilege of photographing a few weddings for the family, and now we get to watch it grow.   The first generation of cousins are all close in age and they are brining up the next generation the same way.  It is such a special and fun thing to see.  We have loved every family gathering we have been to, and we hope to see everyone at many more.

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Family Session–Granby, CT


We have had TWO glorious days of sunshine, and it feels amazing.  I still can’t believe that it is June.  Most days this spring it seems like the rain will never end.  In fact at the start of this session, the rain was coming down outside.  Everyone was incredibly patient and decided to wait it out and let it pass.  Fortunately it was all worth the wait.  Once the rain stopped the sky opened and the sun was shining.  Once we let the kiddos outside they wanted to run around in the grass.  Not only is it hard to stay inside, but it has been difficult to be cooped up for weeks.  We had a fun time playing outside with everyone.  Enjoy of few photos from this session at our “outdoor studio” and enjoy the weather!

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Portrait Session–Senior Portraits


Nice weather seems so fleeting these days.  Spring has sprung with such little spring in its steps making it difficult to get outside and enjoy.  However we did managed to find a perfect evening for a portrait session.  Some people call dandelions weeds, but I call them happy pops of color in a gorgeous field.  We found such a beautiful area for photos and the light was amazing.  We hope you love this portrait session as much as we do!

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Baby Dan!–Lifestyle Session


Welcoming Baby Dan

At Home Session

This gorgeous family was on our blog this past summer.  However they had one less member at the time.  Daniel Jr. was in Sara’s tummy and Liliana was celebrating her second birthday.  It was nice to catch up with everyone again and to meet the newest addition.  We love these in home lifestyle photo shoots.  It helps the kiddos to feel relaxed and happy.  And it gives us a glimpse into life that we can document for families for years to come.  I know with our own kids, it is nice to have photos of our earliest interactions.  They grow so quickly.  To have each stage documented is such a blessing and a treat to look back on as the kids get older.

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Family Session–Westmoor Park


Family Session

Westmoor Park, West Hartford CT

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for family and celebration.  This was a big year for the family to celebrate.  Mom and Dad just had their 50th wedding anniversary!  This life’s tremendous milestone was cause for all the kids to come home from all over the country.  They came from Florida, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii to cook together, eat together, laugh together, and take photos together.  We were very honored to capture the family gathering for this funny, sweet family.  We especially love when the photos involve some fun props.  Despite the cold temps, we had a fun time walking around outside in the fresh air.

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Family Photos–Westmoor Park


Family Photo Session

Westmoor Park


What better way is there to celebrate a holiday weekend and work off all the yummy food than a family photo session.  Although it was a brisk day, the girls were great!  We headed into Weetmoor Park and got them running around so they would forget all about the chilly temps and just have fun.  it worked!  It wasn’t long until they were laughing, smiling, and tossing the jackets aside for some adorable photos. The combination of fall light and tall grass creates beautiful photos that make me smile.  I hope you enjoy smiling through these.

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Family Photo Session–White Plains, NY


Dan, Courtney, and Sam

At Home Session–White Plains, NY


This was such a fun and special session for Jake and me.  We photographed Dan and Courtney’s wedding almost five years ago.  We love meeting the little ones of past couples.  It is so nice to visit with the couples who we watch begin married life together and see how life has grown.  Sam is such a cute, little boy.  He was a little shy to start, but thanks to Jake’s willingness to do anything to make a kid smile, he managed to break him out of his shell.  Sam was very happy to take out his little guitar and strum away for us.  I can’t get enough of that little face and those curls.  He has caught the music bug, and I hope it stays with him.  I certainly hope this was the first of many visits for us.  We can’t wait to see how Sam grows!

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Fall Family Session


Natural Learning Children’s Community School
Fall Mini Sessions

J.Koteen “Outdoor Studio”


Our two daughters attend NLCCS in Simsbury.  This spring we had the idea to offer mini sessions to families at school.  We thought it would be a great way to meet more families in the community.  It has been even better and more fun than we could have imagined!  As I mentioned in the last blog, we are really focused on creating an “outdoor studio” at our North Granby property.  This blog is another great example of how one location can look so very different.  Each session is unique despite all photos being taken at the “outdoor studio.”  It is an excellent demonstration of how light moves and changes throughout the day.  We work with the light that we are presented throughout the day, which keeps us moving to different locations.  In addition it always offers different and equally enjoyable results.  We hope all the families at school love these photos as much as we do.  We had a really awesome time seeing everyone and documenting your family.

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Family Session–Granby, CT


Family Session
J.Koteen Outdoor Studio

North Granby, CT


Here are a few photos from this fun mini session.  The family joined us on our property last week.  It was a sun filled morning and nice day for photos.  It has been so nice to use our property for sessions.  It is amazing how in the end each session always looks unique and different despite the same location.  We have grand plans for this “outdoor studio.”  We really appreciate everyone joining us for photos on site since we are seeing all the things we love about the land and the areas we want to expand upon it.  Thanks everyone for coming out and letting us take you photos.  We really enjoyed meeting everyone!

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Family Session–Holcomb Farm

Family Session

Holcomb Farm
Granby, CT


This sweet family has found themselves on our blog again.  We love seeing families over and over.  Just like with our own kids, it is so rewarding to watch the little ones grow.  And we have been watching these two grow up over the last couple years.  I can’t believe that Jake has started first grade and Emilie is a spunky, talking,  two year old, girly girl.  As usual Jake got right into photo mode.  He smiled on command, and even hammed it up for the camera.  He is such a well spoken and polite boy.  I am sure Chistina and Kevin will be pleasantly surprised by all the smiling photos of Emi.  She was like any two year old at a session.  There were moments of unhappiness followed by endless smiles and giggles.  This is why we always love time during a session to let the kids run around and be themselves.  Family photos are sometimes difficult but candid photos always represent a child’s personality so well.  It is great to have the time to play around and catch those moments with the camera.

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Family Photo Session


Nodbrook Park
Avon, CT


We have met a lot of kids throughout the years.  Photographing families is my favorite part of our job.  As parents we know just how important it is to capture all the precious moments and stages of a kid’s life.  Even the stages that aren’t your favorite are nice to look back upon and realize that it passed by too quickly.  We tell parents all the time that any emotion or behavior during a session is ok with us since it is just capturing life’s real moments and fleeting stages.  And to be honest sometimes it is just too funny to catch not only a silly moment but moments of discontent.  Kids are cute no matter what they are doing.  HOWEVER this little man was amazing for us and the cameras.  He laughed.  He smiled.  He ran all around wanting to explore.  And most importantly, he loved to look at the camera on command.  He was the best!  It isn’t easy to for a two year old to be entertained, happy, and cooperative for a hour, but he did it.  It was such an amazing session with some amazing results.  Thanks everyone for a great time!

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Family Photo Session–Avon, CT


We headed out for a session in one of our favorite photo spots in Avon.  The weather kept us on our toes.  It seemed like the rain could come at any moment.  Instead the skies opened, and we had a mild fall evening to run around outside.  The kids enjoyed the open fields and the little bridge over the water.  There are endless things to capture a kid’s attention and keep them entertained.  It is all a matter of keeping up with their enthusiasm.  There is no shortage of cuteness with these three kids.  It was a great time running around capturing photos of these adorable kids.  Thanks for a fun session!

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Family Photos–Westmoor Park


David, Ashley, Theo, and August


We had a perfect evening for stroll and some photos in Westmoor Park.  The sun was close to setting, so we took a walk through the grass trails through the park.  Last time we did photos the whole family wasn’t with us.  David wasn’t at the session and Auggie was still in Ashley’s belly.  This time we got the whole family together for a fun time in the park.  Theo was his usual adorable self.  He knows how to turn on the charm for the camera.  August was incredibly alert for a baby only a couple months old.  Not that you can’t tell in person these two cuties are brothers, but you can really see the resemblance in photos.  Both boys were a delight to photograph.  We can’t wait to watch how they grow and change.  David and Ashley congrats on your beautiful and expanding family!

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Granby Family Session


Family Session

Granby, CT

Matt, Kim, Naomi, and Ben are not just clients, they are long time friends.  We went to high school with Matt and Kim and now we are watching our kids play together.  So we couldn’t have been more excited to take some photos of their family.  The kiddos are adorable, and they both did such a great job behind the camera.

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Family Photos At The Beach


Family Photo Session

Westbrook, CT


I can’t believe that summer is coming to a close.  As usual it went by in a flash. Although we have been lucky with a sunshine filled summer for plenty of activity, it just never seems like enough time.  Jake and I headed to Westbrook to take some family photos on the beach.  It was the first time we stepped in the ocean all summer.  It was a glorious night along the CT shore with perfect weather.   It was so nice that, clothes and all, the family decided to get in the water for some photos and fun.  We love a little adventure and spontaneity in a photo shoot.  And we could not have asked for better light to finish off the day.  It was wonderful to see the whole family again.  We have been apart of a wedding and first year photos.  We certainly hope this just one of many family photo sessions to come.

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Earle Park
Audobon Society
Glastonbury, CT

Jake and I were elated when Sara and Dan contacted us for some family photos.  Jake photographed their wedding 6 years ago, so we were excited to catch up and meet their little girl.  I was even more excited to learn that they moved back to the area to my hometown of Glastonbury.  It is truly one of my favorite areas of CT with so much to offer and so many pretty places.

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A Growing Family–Simsbury Photo Session


A little over a week ago we had the pleasure of meeting this growing family and group of adorable children.  We were out in Simsbury again for another family session.  We headed to one of our favorite locations.  It was a sunny, summer day that was perfect for capturing photos.  The weather was hot but there was plenty of shade to keep us cool.  The kids brought their favorite toys to keep them entertained for the session.  The grandparents even came by for a couple photos with the grandkids.  I absolutely love all the little expressions we captured from all the kids.  It is the most fun when you can see kids showing their true personalities and funny faces.  We know just how fleeting these moments in life are, so it is so wonderful to see them frozen forever.  Some of the photos have made me laugh out loud with their cuteness.  We hope you enjoy checking out the session.

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Henna’s Arrival–Family Session At Home


Photos At Home
West Hartford, CT

Newborn & Family Session

We have truly enjoyed documenting this family over the past year.  It seems like yesterday that  we were photographing Arin for his 1st birthday.  He was just learning to take a few steps.  Now he is an attentive big brother.  We were thrilled to meet Henna.  She is a beautiful, sweet baby girl and a wonderful addition to the family.  Her temperament was perfect.  She gave us time to get some sleepy photos, yet she made sure to pop open her big brown eyes for a few photos as well.  We loved meeting her.  I can’t wait to see Henna and Arin continue to change and grow over the next few months and years.  Each phase with children is so fleeting that it is always nice to be able to capture each step along the way.  It has been such a pleasure to watch this family grow.

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Family Session–Simsbury, CT


Last Sunday this sweet family decided to brave the funny weather and meet us for a photo shoot.  It was a day of rain with pockets of sunshine.  Just as they were meeting us the raindrops started to fall.  They were good sports walking through the grass being shelter by umbrella.  However just as we came to the clearing the rain stopped, and they were able to toss the umbrellas to the side for a few photos before it started again.  The kids were super cute and cooperative with the camera.  We are very happy everything worked out for some great family photos.

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Celebrating 40!–Private Party in Oxford, CT


Jake and I headed back to Oxford, CT last weekend for an amazing backyard party.  Instead of hiding from this milestone birthday, Sandra put on a party dress and invited over her closest friends and family!  I couldn’t be more in awe of her attitude, her handwork, and her amazing details for the day.  Everything was beautifully put together in her signature vintage, rustic  style.  Her mom came in from Puerto Rico and set out an amazing spread of homemade food.  Her husband, Jason helped bring her vision to light with his DIY building magic and hands on help throughout the day.  All the kids, little and big, enjoyed a clever soda making stand.  Just the “big kids” enjoyed their own version of make your own drinks with a mimosas table.  I can attest to the fact that they were fantastic mimosas!  It was wonderful to see the whole family again.  We were excited to celebrate with Sandra, and commemorate the day with lots of family photos, party candids, and some gorgeous portraits of Sandra.  I think everyone should take a page out of her book and embrace each birthday with light hearted fun, lots of photos, and some great drinks!

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Celebrating 15 years!–Family Session in Granby, CT


Last week was Elana and Scott’s 15 year anniversary.  They decided to celebrate by spending a little time with us!  The family made the drive out to Granby in time to catch the nicest light of the day.  It was a fun session full of laughs, a few bugs, and beautiful photos.  It was a pleasure to meet the family.  I hope Jake and I provided enough entertainment to help commemorate this momentous day.  Happy anniversary to the both of you!

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“Dress for the Sess”


Hello Summer, it is so nice to see you!!

With the warmer weather and longer days, it is the perfect time to think about family photos and engagement sessions. The most frequently asked question I receive is “what should we wear?” This is an important question with an answer to which I will give a lengthy response, share my opinion, and give some examples. Taking this advice for your session does require some effort. Viewing your photos and deciding that you didn’t wear the appropriate clothes will instantly change your feelings on your photography session. Those photos will likely end up stored and forgotten. Therefore, you will be happy you put the time into outfitting yourself, your partner, and your family.

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Family Celebration–Beth Sholom B’nai Israel


Beth Sholom B’nai Israel
Manchester, CT

Hebrew Healthcare

West Hartford, CT


We had a fun weekend with this family.  Friday we headed over to the synagogue to take a few photos of Rabbi Plavin to document his retirement.  His family flew in from all over to celebrate his life’s work and the end of a long career at the temple.  The synagogue has beautiful grounds and it was a beautiful evening for photographs.  On Sunday we met up with another side to the family at the Hebrew Home.  We went there to photograph four generations of family from Great Grandma to the newest addition of a grand daughter to a family full of boys.  All weekend everyone was welcoming and fun to photograph.  We really enjoyed meeting everyone, and we hope you enjoy the photos.

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Mini Sessions–Granby, CT Private Land


Granby, CT

Mini Sessions


Last summer we bought a new home out in the country.  It is a bit farther out than we had originally set out to be.  However with each season that passes we love the country more and more.  Now that spring is in full bloom, we decided that home would be a great place to hold mini session.  Our girls have been attending school in Simsbury for a couple years.  We love the school community and really enjoy all of the families we meet.  We thought it would be nice to have a day of mini sessions just for families at school.  Here are a few photos from the day.  We had such a great time capturing the kids and learning to love our land even more.  Hopefully there will be many more mini sessions to come.

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Cousins–At Elizabeth Park


Family Photo Session

Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT

We had an awesome evening session last week in the park.  The three kids were funny, excited, energetic,  and a blast to photograph.  Claire and Beckett are three and a half year old twins.  There little cousin, Theo, is just shy of two.  They are all at such adorable ages to capture with the camera.  The kids played well with each other and encouraged each other to smile big and play for the camera.  They all did a great job together.  We even got the moms and Grandma to jump into a few photos.  This session was done so their Mimi (Grandma) could have some nice photos of her grandchildren for her home.  Sadly she lives a plane ride away, but hopefully these photos will keep her smiling on a daily basis.  I can’t seem to pick a favorite since I love so many of them.  Thanks everyone for such a fun evening in the park.

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At Home with Vijay, Supriya, and Arin


Vijay, Supriya, and Arin

At Home In West Hartford.


Preparing for a new arrival!

It seems like just yesterday that we were photographing Arin for his first birthday.  Now this little man is soon to turn two and preparing to become a big brother!  The newest addition with join the family in about a month.  So we headed over to get a few photos maternity photos of Supriya and document the last time they are a family of four (dog included).

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Jacob’s 1st Birthday


Jacob’s First Birthday

Southford Falls, Oxford, CT


Jacob made his blog debut a year ago as a newborn.  It is amazing how quickly a year can go by and how much a little one grows.  We were excited to see the family and document Jacob as he exits his baby life to his toddler stage.  He is such a sweet and happy little boy.  We could see how much love mom and dad have for him and vice versa.  He smiled and clapped and practiced his walking and standing.  I have no doubt this little man will be cruising all around soon.

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A Day In The Life–Our Family Photo Album


People say to us all the time, “you must have the most amazing photos of your children.”  the truth is that while we do have some photos we love, we are constantly challenged by our girls.  They are the toughest subjects we have ever had!  We love family sessions and taking photos of children.  They are sessions we can’t wait to get to and have a hard time when it comes to editing.  Every moment captured of a child is such a precious moment.  When we are in a session the camera is always clicking so we can catch those fleeting moments.

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Gabriela’s Newborn Photos


Sweet, adorable Gabriela is my pseudo niece.  Her mama is my “sista from another mista,” my bestie of almost 30 years!  Jake and I were very excited to spend some of our Valentines Day photographing our favorite new family.  Gabby was quite excited for her camera debut.  She wasn’t about to sleep through all the fun.  We got bright eyed photos to go along with the sweet baby smile Jake was able to catch.  We are so excited for Karen and Dave as they embark on their parenting journey.  Welcome to the club!

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Lisette…a year later!

We met Lisette, Kylene, and Jim a little over a year ago.  We took photos of Lisette to commemorate her first birthday.  We love getting to see families again and again and to watch kids grow.  Lisette was even cuter than before.  She gave us a tour of her back yard and some of her favorite things, and Owl, her most treasured posession.  We even got to meet Jefe the dog.  Their backyard provided so much fun that we got a good sampling of Lisette’s favorite activities.  She showed us her driving skills in her Barbie Jeep, swung high on the swings, and took turn with Dad on the slide.  We had a fun time with the family, and we can’t wait to do it again soon!

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Wickham Park Family Photos

Pierce Family Photos - 172

Mike, Michelle, Olivia, and Tyler
Wickham Park, Manchester, CT

We had such a great time getting together with Mike and Michelle and their kids.  We were a part of their wedding a couple years ago, so we were quite excited to meet the whole family.  Olivia and Tyler are adorable.  Olivia was made for the camera.  She walked around the park following all the directions and smiling beautifully for the camera.  We found it only fair to reward her with a little time on the playground at the end of the session.  Tyler did great as well.  It isn’t easy at the age of one to stay focused and still for the camera.  These two kids are just adorable.  We can’t wait for the next session!

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Family Fun At Home


Revisiting families is always the best part of this job.  We love seeing the kids grow and getting the opportunity to document their stages along the way.  We were back at the family house last week to commemorate the start of the school year for Madeline and Ben.  The whole family joined for the occasion.  The grandmas were there for a visit and the family dog made his first camera debut.  Believe or not this large and gorgeous dog is still just a baby.  Jake had fun playing the trampoline, and I had a great time running through the yard.  For us it is always part photography and part play session.  It is a good thing we are still just big kids.

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Sophia’s First Birthday–Elizabeth Park


Sophia’s First Birthday

Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

Sophia turned one yesterday!  Jake and I had the privilege of spending time with this adorable little one on her birthday.  We laughed and played throughout Elizabeth Park.  It was a sunshine filled day perfect for being outdoors.  If I didn’t already have my hands full with two small children at home, I would have scooped up Sophia and run away with her when Mom and Dad weren’t looking.  She is the cutest!  She giggled for us and put on a show.  She practiced her standing and walking and loved being behind the camera.  She was an absolute blast to photograph.  We were so honored to have been a part of her first birthday celebrations.

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Arin Is One!–Family Photos In Elizabeth Park


On Monday Arin turned one!  It was a big milestone for this very adored son, grandson, and nephew, so we documented it with some  photos of this handsome little man.  His grandparents came from India and Texas for the big occasion, and his Aunt and Uncle made the journey to CT as well.  Arin was in great spirits and did excellent cooperating for the camera.  It is hard work to stay focused, energetic, and excited when you are only one, but he did a great job.  The park is always a great spot for kids to explore and have some fun.  It was another great session for us in the beautiful Hartford park.

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Family Photos At Elizabeth Park


Kevin, Christina, Jake, and Emilie

Elizabeth Park

September 18, 2015


This sweet family made their blog debut exactly a year ago.  We met them for the first time to take newborn photos of their daughter Emilie.  Now she is a spunky one year old working on her walking!  As usual we had a great time with their son Jake.  He is a kind and energetic kid who is gearing up to start Kindergarten.  He is imaginative, polite, and a pleasure to photograph.  Jake and I were very excited when they contacted us to do another photo session this year.  We headed to Elizabeth Park for a nice park tour and some fun photos.  Enjoy!

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Molly–First Photos For Her First Birthday!

Molly Blog - 17

May 24, 2015

Northwest Park, Windsor, CT


We headed out memorial day weekend for our favorite kind of photo shoot, a kid shoot!  We caught up with Colleen and Jason, who are the proud parents of 1 year old Molly.  Jake and I had the privilege of photographing their wedding a couple years ago.  So we were very excited to meet their little girl.  Molly is adorable.  After a little while, she forgot all about being shy with us and started enjoying playing for the camera.  We had a gorgeous day for the park.  We took a tour around to see the animals, play in the grass, and enjoy the playground.  Molly practiced walking and took a turn at feeding the sheep.  It was a fun session with a sweet family.  Molly was a delight to meet and photograph and super cute!  We hope to see everyone again soon.

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Family Photos At Elizabeth Park

Liana, Natalie, and Lindsay

Elizabeth Park

May 12, 2015


The weather is finally warm and the trees and flowers are in bloom.  It is the perfect time to get outside for photos.  Liana wanted some nice photos of her with her daughters.  As usual Elizabeth park was a great location for lots of color and different natural backgrounds.  We always find it fun to shoot in the park since each time is always different.  Different flowers are in bloom and different areas of the park offer more for photos at different times.  We are constantly finding new and interesting places for photos.  The ladies were fun and willing subjects.  They followed us around the park having fun as we snapped away.  They joked and laughed among themselves as we documented all the little moments.  We had a great time with the ladies, marshmallow included!  They were fun subjects, and it was a pleasure to spend time with all of them.  We hope they all had as much fun behind the camera as we had taking the photos.

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Baby Jacob–First Photos At Home


Baby Jacob

Newborn Photos

May 12, 2015


Last week we had the privilege of documenting sweet baby Jacob who was less than two weeks old.  We had photographed his mom and dad’s wedding a few years back.  So we were thrilled when they reached out to us to document their new baby boy.  It is always nice to see life after the wedding day!  Jacob is beautiful.  He was such a great baby to photographed.  He slept, opened his big beautiful eyes, and even gave a few smiles for the camera.  Mom and Dad are clearly smitten and with good reason.  It was such a joy to meet the little one and see the whole family again.  We hope to see them again in the future and track how much Jacob has grown.  It is always a rewarding afternoon spending time with new parents and newborns.

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Alessandra–Newborn Photos At Home

Her First Photo Session!
At Home In Her Nursery

Here are more adorable photos to this new little life. We had a great time documenting Alessandra in her adorable room. She was an amazing subject. She was well behaved and happy behind the camera. We could already see how sweet this little girl is going to be. Hopefully she will be a great friend to our daughter since the girls are just a few days apart. We wish this family all the best. We can’t wait to see Alessandra as she continues to grow. It is incredible how quickly babies change. We were honored to have captured this special moment in time.

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Newborn Photos–SNEAK PEEK


Alessandra’s Newborn Session

We had the pleasure of meeting this sweet baby girl the other day. She was an absolute joy to photograph. We had such a great time taking her first official photos. There are more to come soon!

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Welcoming Emilie–Newborn & Family Photos At Home


Kevin, Christina, Jake, and Emilie
Family Photos
Private Residence
August 21, 2014

Emilie was born just two weeks before our photo session. Jake and I wanted to meet the family and capture those sweet newborn moments that only occur right after a baby is born. And by this I mean those precious, sleepy moments. However Emilie was too excited for her first photos and fun evening with her family to miss the action! I have never seen a little baby wake up and be so alert for the camera. Emilie propped herself up and looked right at Jake for her very first photos. She was adorable and a pro behind the camera.

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Lisette Turns One–Family Photos


Boundless Playground
South Windsor, CT Community Center

I know her mom and dad can’t believe it has already been a year, but Lisette just celebrated the milestone of her first birthday! As parents’ of a 20 month old, Jake and I can attest to how quickly the time goes, how much a little one changes, and how much fun the age is to watch. We had a great time documenting this little one for her one year photos. She is adorable, sweet, and did amazing behind the camera. She loved playing on the playground, and we were so excited to be able to capture it all to be remembered. Little ones change so quickly, so it is nice to keep just a little piece of her frozen in time. Lisette did awesome and mom and dad had a great photo session as well. We hope you enjoy checking out this cutie. Happy Birthday Lisette, we hope to see you again soon!

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Sandra & Jason–Engagement Shoot


Sandra & Jason
June 24, 2014
Engagement Shoot & Family Photos
Location: At Home & Southford Falls

Sandra and Jason are not only joining their lives together in marriage, but they are joining their families together. They each have two children and together a son. It is a true blending of families, and we could not be more excited or happy for this couple. The are warm and welcoming duo. From the moment we met them, we felt like we had known them forever. And that feeling was reinforced when we met up with them for photos last week. Sandra’s daughters and their son were present for a few family photos at the house. Like any children, they wanted to ham it up for the camera. After some group photos, we stole mom and dad for a few photos of their own. We headed over to Southford Falls with Sandra and Jason for some beautiful photos to commemorate this joyous time in their lives. We can’t wait for the wedding in just a couple weeks!

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Olivia’s First Photo Shoot–Wickham Park

Olivia Blog - 28

Olivia’s Turning One!
Family Photo Shoot At Wickham Park

We were in Wickham Park the other day for our favorite kind of photo shoot…kids! This photo shoot was especially sweet for us since Olivia’s mom and dad, Stacy and Jason were a bride and groom whom we photographed a couple years ago. We did their wedding photos in Wickham Park, so it was a fitting location for Olivia’s first photo shoot. Part of the fun with photographing kids is the truly unscripted nature of the session. We understand this even more having a toddler. We are ready and expecting all types of reactions, emotions, and behavior. Olivia did amazing! She lasted through a walk, a drive, and a lot of posing in the park. She is adorable, and we loved documenting her for her almost first birthday. Next week is the official day, and we hope it is filled with fun and sweets. Enjoy the photos…

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Alex Has Arrived!

Alex Blog - 18

Baby Alex
In The Studio

We have waited months to meet Alex, and we were so excited to capture a few photos during his first week. We met our friends, Ashley and Chris, at our studio to document the little man’s first few days. They even indulged me in trying a photo that was inspired by Wengenn In Wonderland.. This mom and artist’s blog is definitely worth checking out. Alex did great behind the camera, and we are so happy to have documented this precious and fleeting time in this little man’s life. It is amazing how quickly they grow and change. I am sure the next photo session will be very different.

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Anticipating Your Arrival

Leigha, Bryan, (and Amanda)
At Home…excited and waiting to meet their babies

Leigha and Bryan were married about a year and a half ago. We love these two. Leigha and I check in with each other from time to time, so I was quite excited to get the email telling me she was pregnant and would love some photos. As many of you know (we love to talk about her), we have a year old daughter. We love anything baby and child related. So, we couldn’t wait to head over to Leigha and Bryan’s house to catch up with the soon to be parents, document Leigha’s pregnancy, and of course offer a few tidbits about parenthood from our experience. (Parents, we just can’t help it!)

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NIc’cole + YAssine=NIYA!!

Niya’s Newborn Photos

It hasn’t been very long since these Nic’ole and Yassine appeared on our blog. Athough you won’t see the in these photos, you may remember them from their maternity photos just a couple months ago. While these two were actually present for the photos, they were behind the scenes. As new parents will attest, it isn’t fun to be sleep deprived and feel camera ready. Instead the photos were all about Niya. They welcomed their daughter on October 24th, and she is adorable. I love her name and origins behind it. Since she is a product of NIc’cole and YAssine, so is her name. We had the pleasure of spending some time with everyone at their house. Niya wasn’t always a fan of the camera, but she did a great job! Check out some of her adorable photos below.

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Ashley & Chris–Can’t Wait To Meet You!

Ashley and Chris Blog - 31

Ashley and Chris
Maternity Photos
Simsbury, CT

Jake and I were so excited to do this photo session. Ashley and Chris are our good friends. They have lived through all the big moments of Aubrie’s life of with us. Chris helped us prepare our house, and Ashley made us food for our sleep deprived days. They were willing to hole up in the house with us and join us to ring in the new year. Ashley and Chris have been a big part of our last year navigating the new world of parenthood. So, we are so happy to be able to return all the favors almost exactly one year later. This little man could possibly make an entrance around Aubrie’s first birthday. We are excited to watch them experience all the first with their little boy. I hope these photos put a smile on everyone’s face. We can’t wait to meet the little man and take more photos once he is here, but in the meantime enjoy the photos of mom and dad!

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Little Miss Trouble Turns 10 Months

aubrie cropped low

Aubrie Koteen
10 Month Photos

We are constantly posting photos of other people. We have heard more than once, “where are photos of your daughter?” I imagine she must have a ton of photos since her mom and dad are photographers. Well, we managed to get a kid who is acutely aware of the camera, and she is a difficult subject. Also with all the other photo work we do, somehow we forget to share our own. I looked back and realized that we haven’t posted any photos of the little monkey since her early days. Therefore, I thought I would share the photos Jake took for her 10 month birthday this week. I can’t believe my baby is almost a year old!

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This Family is “D-Baum”

Family Photos
At Home in South Windsor

It has been a while since Jake documented this adorable family. Keira was still only a year old and Taya had yet to arrive on the scene. Time sure flies. Keira is now an energetic big sister. Taya is 6 months old with a big smile and amazing disposition. We couldn’t get over how amazing she did behind the camera. since we have a baby, we know exactly how difficult it can be to get one to cooperate and look at the camera. But not Taya. She smiled and focused on Jake as he snapped away. We had a great time with everyone. It was wonderful to see how much Keira has grown and meet Taya for the first time. We can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

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Nicole & Yassine–Just The Two Of Us…for now!

Nicole and Yassine - 06

Nicole & Yassine
Elizabeth Park
Maternity Photos

Nicole and Yassine are just about ready to welcome their baby girl. So we took some time to commemorate their last days as a couple. We had a gorgeous afternoon in Elizabeth Park. The four of us took a stroll, chatted about babies, and shared our excitement over their daughter’s arrival. We have loved watching our daughter grow over the past nine months. We know what fun awaits them, and we can’t wait to hear all their new parent stories. Hopefully we will be meeting their little girl soon! In the meantime enjoy checking out a few of their photos!

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The D Family–Another Milestone

Dennis Blog - 41

At home in Somers, CT

It is hard to believe how quickly time flies. Jake started with this family at Chris and Liz’s wedding. It didn’t seem that long ago that he photographed their daughter’s baby photos. And now life has brought two kids, a puppy (yes the dog is just a puppy!), and the first day of school. We were very excited to be a part of documenting another milestone for this sweet family. The kids were dressed in their new school clothes with backpacks in hand as they posed for their “first day of school” photos. We followed them around the yard as they ran, jumped, swung, laughed and played. It was a beautiful end of summer evening, and the perfect time for some new family photos. As usual we had a wonderful time with everyone. The kids were awesome subjects and so much fun to photograph. We even made Chris and Liz pose for a photo of their own. It isn’t very often that parents remember to pose together for photos. Once the kids arrive it is all about them. I thought is might be nice for them to put a photo other than one in wedding attire on the wall. We still can’t believe how big the kids have gotten. We look forward to the next round of photos.

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The D’s Family Photos–SNEAK PEEK

The D Family hits another milestone!

Here is a little preview of our “ready for school” family session. The kids were a blast as usual. They did great behind the camera, and there are many more to come soon. Enjoy!

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An Annual Meeting–Family Photos on the Beach

Beach house family photos - 002 retouched

Family Photos in Clinton, CT

Jake and I headed to the beach 4th of July week to meet up with this sweet family. We have deemed it our annual meeting, although it is really this family’s annual get together. Last year at almost the exact, we joined everyone for Amy and Jeff’s wedding. I can’t believe it has already been a year. Time is moving so quickly. Everyone was looking great and having fun together as usual. It was a beautiful evening on the CT Shore, and it was a fun way for this family to end their day at the beach. Thanks everyone for inviting us to join in on some of your annual family time. It was wonderful to see everyone.

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