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SNEAK PEEK–Wedding @ Geer Tree Farm


Cheri & Matt

July 22, 2017

With Cheri and Matt the laughs never stop.  From the moment we arrived until the last photo, there were smiles and laughs all around.  It was such a pleasure to photograph this wedding.  We could not be more excited for these two.  Geer Tree Farm is a gorgeous venue with vast land and endless photo possibilities.  Here is a little preview of the wedding with many more to come soon.  Cheri and Matt, congrats!

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Family Photo Session

I cannot describe just how cute this little one is.  Mason just turned 1, so it was the perfect time to have some family photos.  He is happy, easy going, and incredibly sweet.  Like any typical one year old, he is curious and active.  He did necessarily want to sit still, but he was not shy with his smiles.  We had such a fun time at the park with the family.  It was great to reconnect with Jason and Allison.  We had not seen them since there wedding six years ago.  They recently returned to the east coast, and we were super excited when they reached out to us for photos.  It was such a pleasure to meet and photograph this little one.  We certainly hope it is the first of many sessions!

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Family Photos–Westmoor Park


Family Photo Session

Westmoor Park


What better way is there to celebrate a holiday weekend and work off all the yummy food than a family photo session.  Although it was a brisk day, the girls were great!  We headed into Weetmoor Park and got them running around so they would forget all about the chilly temps and just have fun.  it worked!  It wasn’t long until they were laughing, smiling, and tossing the jackets aside for some adorable photos. The combination of fall light and tall grass creates beautiful photos that make me smile.  I hope you enjoy smiling through these.

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Katie & Andrew–Wedding at Riverview


Katie & Andrew

July 9, 2016

Riverview, Simsbury, CT


Katie and Andrew traveled back east to celebrate their wedding near Katie’s hometown.  They had friends and family from all over the country and world fly in to celebrate the big occasion.  Even their two dogs made the journey to walk down the aisle.   Guests were treated to a beautiful afternoon along the Farmington River as well as a weekend full of festivities.  In the midst of the oppressive Northeast summer heat, Katie and Andrew were blessed with a summer day of reprieve.  The July afternoon was a pleasant temperature for their tented ceremony.  The crazy weather that threatened the day held out until the reception and left as quickly as it arrived.  I would guess that most guests were too busy enjoying their fun on the dance floor to have even noticed!

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Elif & Andrew–Westport Country Playhouse Wedding


Elif & Andrew

May 30, 2015
Westport Country Playhouse


Elif and Andrew wanted a laid back wedding that was unique and special just to them.  They got exactly what they set out to accomplish.  They were the first ever wedding held at Westport Country Playhouse.  It was a  different venue with a lot of history for this couple.  We had a great time meeting both of them and their families.  We instantly felt like we had known them forever.  They are such warm and friendly people.  Months of handwork, DIY projects, and planning from 3000 miles way paid off with a lovely wedding and great weather.

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Erica & Peter–SNEAK PEEK

sneak peek 7

Erica & Peter
August 30, 2014
Candlelight Farms Inn
New Milford, CT

Jake and I had an awesome time at Saturday’s wedding. Erica and Peter were an absolute delight. From the moment these two saw each other at their first look to the last dance we captured, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. It was so nice to see and document the love between these two. We had never been to the venue, but we were quickly excited to be working there. It is a gorgeous 700 acre property with an inn, barn, and tented event. Each angle was beautiful and perfect for photos. Erica and Peter were willing to walk all over with us for the photos. Here is a little preview of our time with them.

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Martha & Rikin–SNEAK PEEK


Martha & Rikin
August 23, 2014
Loomis Chaffee School
Windsor, CT

Here are a few photos from the gorgeous wedding we photographed a couple weeks ago. This sweet duo both attended Loomis Chaffee School. Here is where they met and began the romance that just promised to keep going for a lifetime. It was a gorgeous day full of many beautiful details. Make sure to check back again soon for the full blog. In the meantime, enjoy!

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Paulette & Mark–Waterview Wedding

Mark and Paulette Blog - 31

Paulette & Mark
May 2, 2014
Church: South Britain Congregational Church, Southbury, CT
Reception: The Waterview

Paulette and Mark are a stunning couple! They looked amazing on their wedding day. We were so very honored to have been a part of this fun and special celebration. While we love all the weddings we are a part of, this one was a bit more close to our hearts. We have known Mark and Paulette for years. We waited and hoped that a wedding would come one day. Not only were we excited by the engagement, but we were elated to be their photographers. They are the sweetest individuals and nicest couple. They have such big hearts and fun personalities. So many people were there to help share in their love and celebration. We had an awesome time with friends and family. There were so many great moments captured from the day. We hope you enjoy!

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Holly & Ray–SNEAK PEEK

Holly & Ray's Wedding - 098

Holly & Ray
May 9, 2014
Anthony’s Ocean View

Here is a little preview of the wedding we did a few weeks ago on the beach. Holly and Ray wanted something small, intimate, and fun. That is exactly what they got! They were surrounded by their family and closest friends to laugh and cheer with them as they joined as husband and wife. There is more to come soon…

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Bethany & Chris–Cheers To Your Marriage, Beers All Around!

Bethany and Chris Blog - 043

Bethany & Chris
October 12, 2013
The Lace Factory

Bethany and Chris planned a fantastic wedding. The time of year perfect for the foliage and the weather cooperated for their outdoor ceremony. We were super excited to check out the venue. Bethany had told us awesome things about the Lace Factory, and we had yet to see it. We were not disappointed. It is a cool old space that is the brainchild of the owners who live on the premises. It has a cozy, personal feel since they are there along the way to make any couple’s day perfect.
Bethany and Chris did a great job enhancing the decor. They had fun personal items added throughout that were a great compliment to the day. Since the family name is Beers, we especially loved the pint glasses as seating cards. Guests and family were treated to a fantastic evening of fun and great food from Cloud Nine Catering.
For their ceremony, Bethany and Chris chose an outdoor ceremony on the Academy at Mount Saint John. They exchanged vows overlooking the rolling hills on the front lawn of the school. It is here where we took all their formal photos. They used a trolley to shuttle guests from the venue up the hill to the school, so Jake jumped on board to get a few photos with Bethany and Chris. The Lace factory is Deep River, which is a quaint and interesting area. There were endless photo options. We were able to get a great variety of photos with old stone work, a water background, and the steam train all in one place. The conductor was even nice enough to add a little more steam for the photo!
Bethany and Chris congratulations again. Thank you for introducing us to the venue and being so much fun to work with. We had a great time at the wedding. Enjoy!

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Dave & Veronica–SNEAK PEEK

Dave & Veronica - 13

Dave & Veronica
September 6, 2013
Lighthouse Point Park

A week ago today, we joined Dave and Veronica for their wedding. Jake and I have been to Lighthouse Point Park for photos before, but we have never experienced a wedding in the park. It was awesome! Dave and Veronica were fun light hearted, and created an amazing evening for guests. When you are married at the park, the carousel is a part of the festivities. We had fun watching guests of all ages, the bridal party, and of course the bride and groom take a spin or two throughout the day. But that is all I am going to tell for now. You will have to check back later for more about this fun event. In the meantime enjoy the preview!

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Evan’s Bar Mitzvah–A Slam Dunk

Evan Blog - 22

Evan’s Bar Mitzvah
December 1, 2012
Basketball Hall Of Fame

Let me start by saying that at some time in my life, I want to have a party at this venue. My house is a household dedicated to basketball. Jake and I had one of our first dates here, and we loved it. So, were super excited to see how the Hall of Fame was transformed for an event. We were not disappointed and nor were any of Evan’s guests. In fact there was almost so much to see and do that it was hard to keep track of where everyone was from one moment to the next. And the best part was that the adults had just as much fun at this party as the kids.

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