Cindy and Chris–X Marks The Spot

Cindy and Chris
November 11, 2012
Ceremony–Saint Catherine of Siena
West Simsbury, CT Photos
Reception–The Pond House at Elizabeth Park

Cindy and Chris were great as usual to photograph. We had an awesome time with them when we took their engagement photos. Although they may not think so, they are extremely comfortable behind the camera. They both are relaxed and amazing, which really comes through in their photos. I had a hard time picking photos of just the two of them for the blog. They have some of my favorite photos. The light, time of day, and relaxed attitude of the formal photo time really made the end product incredible. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

For this wedding, Jake and I were back in familiar surroundings. We met Cindy for a few getting ready photos at her parents’ house. It was about two minutes down the road from the church and quite close to our home as well. We were at the church where they ceremony was held just three weeks earlier for another wedding. It was another beautiful day, and we love working there. The ceremony was beautiful, and Cindy and Chris couldn’t hide their happiness. Their photos in the church as some of my favorites from the day. This couple was well aware, thanks to daylight savings, that sunset was coming early at about 4:45PM. They walked right out of the church, onto the bus, and put on their games faces for photos.

While Jake and I love checking out new places, it is nice to be local and have time to really explore and find a great photo location. We picked out this field before the last West Simsbury wedding. And we were excited to use it again for photos. I think someone wanted us to know that it was exactly where we were supposed to be. As we were taking Cindy and Chris’ photos, a huge x appeared in the sky directly above them. If that isn’t an omen, I am not sure what else it could be! Everyone took full advantage of all the time we had outdoors. We used every last minute up until sunset taking photos. The bridal party definitely got into the spirit and really worked it for the camera. And Cindy and Chris have some gorgeous photos in the field. As I said earlier, it was hard for me to pick a favorite.

Once we got to the Pond House, it was dark. We took a couple night photos, but then headed inside to party. Fortunately we had done the engagement shoot in the park, so Cindy and Chris were still able to capture the setting to their wedding on a sunshine day. The reception was a ton of fun as guests were entertained by The Savage Brothers band. They were energetic and entertaining as usual. We were able to meet friends, family, and learn a bit more about this adorable couple. Cindy and Chris, we thank you for including us in your day. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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