Colleen and Jason–An Autumn Wedding

Colleen and Jason
October 13, 2012

Ceremony–Saint Catherine of Siena, West Simsbury, CT
Reception–Simsbury Inn

Colleen and Jason kicked off our fall weddings. The leaves on the trees had finally changed and were coloring the Simsbury hillside. They wanted some fall photos around and about the Simsbury area. They were a trusting duo, and they let us choose the location for their photos. There was a open field down the street from the church with the colorful hills in the background that looked perfect to us. It turned out to be an excellent places for some photos. The hills in the background were painted with the colors of fall. We were able to capture the perfect light to add even more intrigue to the photos.

The ceremony at Saint Catherine’s was beautiful. It was a fantastic church for photography with big windows that looked out to a beautiful view. We really enjoyed the ceremony. Colleen and Jason couldn’t hide their happiness from the camera. Some of my favorite photos from the day were from the church. After they became husband and wife, we took the bridal party down the street for a little fun behind the camera. And they did not disappoint us. We never know what we are going to get from the different groups we meet. This group was not shy behind the camera. We also had a our first experience acting out spiking the “football,” otherwise known as the bouquet. The bridesmaids and groomsmen met at the line of scrimmage. It definitely provided everyone with some laughs and funny photos.

Colleen and Jason also did great behind the camera. We promised them it would be much easier posing on their wedding day than it was for their engagement shoot a few weeks ago. I think they were a bit skeptical. But come the day of the wedding, it was impossible for them not to show their excited and love to the camera. I love the photos of them in the field just before sunset. We couldn’t have asked for better photo circumstances. I know the bridesmaids would have like it to a be a few degrees warmer, but everyone braved the crisp air for the photos.

After our outdoor photo session, we all headed over to the Simsbury Inn to really start the festivities. We had been looking forward to this wedding for a while since we had met most of Colleen’s family last year at her cousin’s wedding. We were looking forward to catching up with everyone we had met before. Also, to throw out another fun fact of the day, one of the bridesmaids actually grew up in the house that Jake and I know own and live in. It was fun to chat with her and her parents at the wedding about their fond memories of the house as well as share all the changes that we have made over the past five years. With each wedding, I am reminded of how small a world we live in. It is always nice to meet knew people and catch up with others we may have met along the way.

Colleen and Jason, thanks for everything. We hope you enjoy looking through your photos, and congratulations again.

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  1. Erin
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 9:37 PM | Permalink

    Amazing pictures jake and jessica! Fun and amazing day. Couldn’t have asked for a better bunch to share my sisters wedding day with!! So much fun!

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