Courtney & Evan–Glastonbury Wedding

Courtney & Evan

Ceremony:  Glastonbury Yacht Club, South Glastonbury

Tree Photos:  South Glastonbury

Reception: 2Hopewell Restaurant


We love every wedding that we photograph.  We always feel like we have made new friends, which makes the day special.   But this wedding came with a bit more history and was just a bit more special to photograph.  Evan and I grew up on the same street.  I went to Elementary school with some of the guests!  Courtney, Evan, and I grew up in Glastonbury and Courtney and I were in the same grade.  While we have not all seen each other for years, there is a shared past that gives us a forever connection.  Jake and Evan were the best of friends in high school.  All three of us went to private high school together.  There is so much shared history that we could not have been more excited when Courtney and Evan reached out to us to photograph their day.

After more than a decade together, Courtney and Evan decided to come home and get married amongst family and long time friends.  It was just a wedding should be.  It was one full of laughs, good food, good drink, and great friends.  Courtney and Evan had a personal and special plan for their wedding day.  Nothing, not even the rain, was going to stop them from bringing their vision to life.  Courtney grew up boating on the Connecticut River and spending summers along the water at the Yacht Club.  This is where she imagined their ceremony.  Even with the rain coming down, she arrived to her ceremony on a boat and they stood under a tree to be married.  We were so impressed with their willingness to ignore the raindrops and stand outside for all of their photos.  Along the road in South Glastonbury is a magical tree that was a perfect spot for photos.  We pulled alongside the road and braved the rain for some gorgeous photos under this incredible tree.

For their reception, guests were treated to dinner at 2 Hopewell.  The atmosphere was warm and cozy.  It was just the right place to toast the couple on a chilly fall day.  The bride’s sister and father entertained the guests with some music.  It was a room full of love and history that made the day special.  We were so impressed with the constant smiles across each of their faces.  Neither the rain nor the cold would spoil such an amazing day long time coming.  Thanks so much for including us in the memories!

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