David’s Bar Mitzvah–Kicking off 2014

David’s Bar Mitzvah
The Riverview
January 18, 2014

Jake and I kicked off our 2014 season with this fun, afternoon Bar Mitzvah. The day was beautiful for guests at the Riverview. The big windows overlook the Farmington River, which had a nice cover of snow. To add the the nice winter atmosphere snowflakes were falling throughout the afternoon. It was a magical day at the venue.
While the adults were enjoying the ambiance, the kids were enjoying a ton of games. They were entertained for the afternoon with shooting hoops, trivia games, and the favorite coke/pepsi game. These high energy guys were fiercely competitive and quite good at all the activities. I was especially impressed with David’s limbo skills. All of his soccer definitely payed off in this activity. Speaking of soccer, David’s mom, Sheri, did an excellent job of bringing the theme to the day. The cake, which was done by a family friend was amazing and the place card settings were quite imaginative. It was a fun afternoon of great friends and great food complete with an awesome ice cream and candy bar. We were very excited to have been a part of such a milestone in David’s life. Enjoy!

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