A Day In The Life–Our Family Photo Album

People say to us all the time, “you must have the most amazing photos of your children.”  the truth is that while we do have some photos we love, we are constantly challenged by our girls.  They are the toughest subjects we have ever had!  We love family sessions and taking photos of children.  They are sessions we can’t wait to get to and have a hard time when it comes to editing.  Every moment captured of a child is such a precious moment.  When we are in a session the camera is always clicking so we can catch those fleeting moments.

At home the camera isn’t always in reach when those little things occur.  You get wrapped up in routine, or the day, or the chaos of life with children.  Sometimes we just forget to take out the camera.  So this year we have challenged ourselves to document life.  We have stopped looking for the perfect photos and embracing the small moments that we will cherish looking back on in the future.   I love to look back at all the photos of the girls and see how quickly they have grown and changed.

We have vowed in 2016 to keep shooting all the moments and all the unposed realities of life as a parent.  This is my challenge to all parents out there.  Taking the time to take photos is so important.   If you have kids you know that one minute they are laughing and the next they might be crying but you wouldn’t trade any moment.  Below are photos we took throughout the course of one day.  It was such a fun experience for us to take time to notice all the little things we sometimes overlook in our day.  Hopefully we will share more of these types of days to come in the near future.  And hopefully we can capture some of these photos for your this year!

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    Posted February 24, 2016 at 6:22 PM | Permalink

    I can’t even… these pictures are awesome. Cutie petuties to the extreme!

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