Elif & Andrew–Westport Country Playhouse Wedding

Elif & Andrew

May 30, 2015
Westport Country Playhouse


Elif and Andrew wanted a laid back wedding that was unique and special just to them.  They got exactly what they set out to accomplish.  They were the first ever wedding held at Westport Country Playhouse.  It was a  different venue with a lot of history for this couple.  We had a great time meeting both of them and their families.  We instantly felt like we had known them forever.  They are such warm and friendly people.  Months of handwork, DIY projects, and planning from 3000 miles way paid off with a lovely wedding and great weather.

Westport Country Playhouse was the place these two met.  They were both working at the playhouse.  Elif worked behind the scenes, but Andrew did get his moment on the stage.  Therefore, like every actor who has stepped foot on their stage, he had is headshot displayed on the walls outside the dressing rooms.  Although it was “bridal prep,”  it felt a little bit like getting ready back stage since they used the dressing rooms to get ready.  Everything was personal down to the details.  Elif’s sister and sister-in-law even primped and prepped her for her big day.  The jewelry was sentimental and the flowers were all handmade!  Elif and Andrew spent hours cutting and glueing the many flowers that were incorporated into the day.  Andrew custom designed a chuppah, which was made by a friend.  Family and guests were asked to place one of the handmade, paper flowers into the chuppah to adorn it for the couple.  It was a beautiful end product.

The ceremony was sweet and perfectly written.  Just like in a play, family members had scripted monologues, courtesy of the bride and groom, to read for the ceremony.  The words were poignant and well written.  It incorporated all those who are important to the couple into the most important part of the day.  Once the ceremony was over, the bride and groom ducked away to share a particularly sweet moment that we were excited to capture.  It was genuine and the cameras went unnoticed.  It was perhaps my favorite moment captured from the day.  Adjacent to the playhouse is a pretty park.  We used the setting for some family photos before we headed off to the beach.

Elif and Andrew really wanted to take a moment away from the party to have some photos taken on Compo Beach.  It is a pretty CT beach.   It is here that Elif and Andrew really began their courtship years earlier.  So it was important for them to capture a little bit of it on their wedding day.  We had a great time documenting their love and their day.  It is always nice to see unique venues transform into beautiful weddings.  Elif and Andrew, we thank you for making us a part of your day!


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