Ellen & Dominic–Avon Old Farms Hotel Wedding

Ellen & Dominic
October 11, 2015

Jake and I had a great week with Ellen and Dominic.  First we met them for a beautiful afternoon stroll in Boston on Tuesday, and then we were photographing their wedding on an equally gorgeous day that Sunday.  Fall was just making its debut in our area.  The day was sunny, warm, and perfect for a wedding.  Dominic and Ellen opted for a first look, so Jake and I took them to a trail near the hotel for their first meeting and some photos of just the two of them.  Then we headed back to the hotel for family photos and bridal party photos.  The area behind the hotel is a great location for outdoors photos as well as an outdoor ceremony.

Ellen and Dominic exchanged their vows outside.  Their ceremony was my favorite exchange of vows I have heard.  It was original, unique, and distinctly them.  They asked family and friends and bring a little bit of dirt or sand from each place they had lived or place of importance.  The combined it all in a glass vase during their ceremony.  That blended dirt will join them as they make a new home together in L.A. this winter.

Along with a unique ceremony, they also had very personal contributions from family members.  Ellen was having trouble finding the perfect dress.  She wanted different elements from a few dresses she tried on.  So after a little bit of persuasion from Ellen, her mom made her dress!  It was beautiful.  The amount of detail she put into the dress was truly impressive.  In addition to a one of a kind dress, Ellen and Dominic had an extremely different photo booth courtesy of Ellen’s dad.  He is an engineer and passionate about his profession.  He built them photothon booth.  Guests were photographed throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.  They were treated to ultraviolet photos among others.  It was a fun twist on the photo booth for the wedding.  Jake and I were encouraged to get in, so I can’t wait to see the photos.

In addition to an outdoor ceremony, the back patio was a great place for guests to enjoy cocktails and s’mores as the sun went down the temperature dropped to a crisp fall evening.  Avon Old Farms Hotel was a great location for a CT fall wedding.  Hopefully all of the out of town guests enjoyed their fall in the CT experience.  We certainly enjoyed documenting the day!

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