Emily & Chinh

Emily & Chinh
November 9, 2013
The Delamar Hotel at Southport
Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

I can’t believe it, but I writing my last wedding blog of 2013! It was an awesome wedding season that brought us to many new places. We definitely ended the season on a high note. Emily and Chinh had a spectacular event in a unique setting. Everything about the day was beautiful and these two were effortlessly stunning! They were laid back and fun and a pleasure to spend the day with.

Emily and Chinh were so laid back about their wedding that when we met, they told us all they really wanted or needed was one nice photo of the two of them. These two looked amazing, so that wasn’t so difficult. Hopefully they think we got more than one good photo! Also, Emily’s mom did most of the wedding planning. Emily and Chinh gave their opinions and shared their vision of the day, but they were pretty hands off. This wedding was a labor of Marsha’s love from table settings to decor. It was fun to watch Emily and Chinh see what it looked like when it all came to life. There is something special about the surprise of a wedding day transformation. It was even more interesting since the aquarium added to the decor and became a part of the reception atmosphere. The guests literally sat next to the seals during the reception and enjoyed cocktails next to the shark tanks. Along with Emily’s parents having a big role in the wedding, so did her brother. Emily and Chinh asked him to officiate. He did an amazing job. We have been to many weddings and he did one of the more incredible jobs. He worked long and hard on blending the Jewish traditions of Emily’s family with the Vietnamese traditions of Chinh’s family. Together it became a perfectly blended ceremony that was tailor made for these two. I really enjoyed witnessing the moment, so I know the guests enjoyed it as well.

From start to finish the wedding was a gorgeous day. It began at the Delamar Hotel in Southport. Emily got ready in a beautiful suite. The light filled room was a perfect place for a dress photo. I loved them all, so I apologize for how many I posted. It was hard to choose just one! Jake and I walked around the quaint New England hotel and set up a first look for Emily and Chinh. Chinh wanted to do Emily and the camera proud by having the appropriate groom reaction. He did even better. He did exactly as he was supposed to, and he got lost in the moment with Emily. You can see on their faces how excited they are to begin the day and their life together. Their first look photos are the reason I love those moments so much. It was fun to have a little while with the two of them alone. Not only were they great to spend time with, but their friends and family were a blast as well. We had a wonderful day with everyone. It really was a day where two families blended into one, and we were very honored to have captured it. Emily and Chinh, we thank you for including us and we hope you enjoy your photos!

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