Erin & Taha–Meeting In the Middle

Erin & Taha
September 28, 2013
Guilford Yacht Club

Jake and I had not met this couple until the day of the wedding. It didn’t take us long after meeting them to absolutely love them! They are sweet, easy-going, warm hearted people. We were so honored to have been a part of their first of two weddings. They had a beautiful afternoon to get married on the lawn of the yacht club.

Erin and Taha came from very different parts of the world. So it must have been fate. They met and currently live in London. I heard from Erin and a few others throughout the day that they moved to London thinking it would be fun and temporary. But in the they met someone and started a whole new life an ocean away. This group of London friends became a new family. Many of them in this London family headed to CT to join this couple as they exchanged vows in front of Erin’s family and long time friends. Unfortunately his parents were unable to make the CT event, but his aunt was nice enough to skype them in for the day! Although they weren’t physically there, they were a part of all the big moments. And have no fear, Erin and Taha flew to India the following week to get married in front of Taha’s family and friends.

Erin and Taha wanted their day to be laid back and fun just as they were when we met them. They opted to skip a lot of the getting ready photos as well as a bridal party. This left us plenty of time to get some fun and different photos of the two of them. Despite the fact that these two arrived together, they completed the finishing touches of getting ready on different sides of the bridal suite door. They enlisted the help of a friend to get them both ready. Erin put on her gorgeous dress. Taha put on his three piece suit and tie. And we gave them a first moment. Even though they were only separated for a mere 15 minutes, their moment was no less special and sweet. I absolutely love their first look photos. Although I must be honest and mention I love all of their photos. Erin and Taha were convinced they weren’t photogenic, but they look great! It was their ease with each other, and the joy and happiness they felt from sharing their love with family and friends that allowed us to capture great photos of them throughout the day. We had a wonderful time with all their guests. They had a relaxed afternoon on the lawn and a fun party inside the yacht club once the sun went down. We are so excited to have been a part of this wedding. Erin and Taha, we are a little sad you live so far away but we thank you for including us in this wedding. Enjoy!

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