Evan’s Bar Mitzvah–A Slam Dunk

Evan’s Bar Mitzvah
December 1, 2012
Basketball Hall Of Fame

Let me start by saying that at some time in my life, I want to have a party at this venue. My house is a household dedicated to basketball. Jake and I had one of our first dates here, and we loved it. So, were super excited to see how the Hall of Fame was transformed for an event. We were not disappointed and nor were any of Evan’s guests. In fact there was almost so much to see and do that it was hard to keep track of where everyone was from one moment to the next. And the best part was that the adults had just as much fun at this party as the kids.

This family, especially Evan did great with all the photo formalities. We met them bright and early before synagogue for family photos both inside and outside. It was a bit cold with some snowflakes in the air, but everyone managed to brave the weather for the family photos. Jake and I were also quite impressed at how relaxed Evan was considering he was about to get up in front of the entire synagogue and recite in Hebrew. He was enthusiastic and accommodating to everyone and everything that was asked of him.

We met up with the family at the Hall of Fame in the evening where we were able to have full run of the facility. We took them around for some non traditional family photos that really played up the theme of the party. It was nice to have different surroundings and different options. The event is meant to be fun, so we wanted to keep the photos feeling the same. They were up for some fun and different poses which always makes us happy.

The party was a definite success and everyone had a fantastic time. This family moved to the area not very long ago, so it was nice for them to introduce old friends to new friends as well as share this occasion with people they don’t get to see all the time. The family did a great job of carrying the basketball theme throughout, and there were a ton of activities going on throughout the night. There were games, a tatoo station, the interactive stations at the Hall of Fame, and plenty of candy and dancing to last the night. We really appreciated that not only did the kids manage to be out of their seats and having a great time the entire night, but the adults were doing just the same. We had a wonderful time at the event, and we hope you enjoy looking through the photos. Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays. Thanks for including us in this momentous occasion. This was the perfect event for us to end the 2012 season.

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