Family Photos At Elizabeth Park

Liana, Natalie, and Lindsay

Elizabeth Park

May 12, 2015


The weather is finally warm and the trees and flowers are in bloom.  It is the perfect time to get outside for photos.  Liana wanted some nice photos of her with her daughters.  As usual Elizabeth park was a great location for lots of color and different natural backgrounds.  We always find it fun to shoot in the park since each time is always different.  Different flowers are in bloom and different areas of the park offer more for photos at different times.  We are constantly finding new and interesting places for photos.  The ladies were fun and willing subjects.  They followed us around the park having fun as we snapped away.  They joked and laughed among themselves as we documented all the little moments.  We had a great time with the ladies, marshmallow included!  They were fun subjects, and it was a pleasure to spend time with all of them.  We hope they all had as much fun behind the camera as we had taking the photos.

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