Resolution to Blog

Finally!  I have made my way through the holiday brain fog and remembered to write 2020 on all my correspondence.  Once January hits, we take some time to breathe, regroup, and put our extra time to good use.  (My basement is now fully organized and labeled!)  I may be the only North Easter who looks forward to the first couple weeks of January.  Connecticut weather isn’t exactly inspiring or motivating.  However it does provide me with just the right temps for staying inside happily thinking away as I reorganize our life.   There were lots of thoughts.  This year, I made a resolution.  I have vowed to sit down and blog, not just more, but differently.  Since February is just around the corner, it is time to get started.

2020 is the year we will share some insights into all things photography.  Last year Jake and I celebrated our 10 year wedding and work anniversary.  (This is no small feat.  We raise three daughters, and live and work under the same roof 365 days a year.  Good news is we still love each other and have fun working together.)   This past decade we have met countless people and vendors and visited numerous venues, parks, and backyards.  During that time we have learned a thing or two about events, party planning, and most specifically how to get the most out of YOUR photography.  Why do I say your?  Well, everyone has a different idea of what is important.  As a photographer, it is our job to capture the moments you want to remember.  Depending on what those moments are and how you want them to look, our advice looks different.  In fact our advice can be different from month to month and even morning to night.  After each job, Jake and I share with each other what worked best and what could be tweaked for the future.  We are using our takeaways and putting them into the blog.     

Through our blog, we will offer thoughts, opinions, and tips to help you get the most out of your wedding, party, or photography session.   I know there are tons of blogs and books out there that already offer planning advice.  Well, I assure you I am not going to attempt to take on Martha Stewart or go head to head with all A+ planners on instagram.  However I hope what we share provides new tidbits of info from a slightly different point of view.  My goal is to highlight some things you might not have thought about, so you can plan your best day. 

I seriously love a good party. And I especially love a wedding.  I love to plan my own and have enjoyed helping friends and family plan events over the years.  Every wedding and event we photograph, we are present and invested.  I have cried, laughed, and danced alongside family and friends.  We have seen some amazing parties, made new friends, and gained a ton of knowledge and I am giving that knowledge to you.

Subscribe to the blog today and you will get all my posts to your inbox.  This way you will know when something new has landed.  I am working on the first info post as you read, so make sure to check back next week.  Also please feel free to comment below or send an email with any topics you would like to know more about.  Often times a little direction is good for me. 

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