Jacob’s 1st Birthday

Jacob’s First Birthday

Southford Falls, Oxford, CT


Jacob made his blog debut a year ago as a newborn.  It is amazing how quickly a year can go by and how much a little one grows.  We were excited to see the family and document Jacob as he exits his baby life to his toddler stage.  He is such a sweet and happy little boy.  We could see how much love mom and dad have for him and vice versa.  He smiled and clapped and practiced his walking and standing.  I have no doubt this little man will be cruising all around soon.

Jacob was a great subject and so much fun to photograph.  We especially enjoyed watching his first introduction to sugar.  We could help but laugh along with Mike and Dagmara as we watched his curiosity quickly turn to utter delight.  That first taste of yummy frosting did disappoint.  His clean face was quickly covered in blue icing, and he wasn’t quick to give it up.  This was such a fun session to kick off the spring season.  It was a gorgeous day to enjoy some outside photos!

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