Jen and Carlos– Wedding Celebration Take 2

Jen and Carlos

Beth El

West Hartford, CT

Jen and Carlos were married on the beach in Mexico. From what we hear it was the perfect day to have your feet in the sand and exchange wedding vows. But the wedding was small and intimate not to mention a bit far for everyone to travel. For those who are local and and wanted to congratulate the couple, Jen’s parents held a luncheon at the temple. Jen and Carlos made the journey from their west coast home to join everyone in the celebration.

Jen’s mom, Linda, did a great job of bringing the Mexico flair to the day. Carlos’ dad is from Mexico, so this might explain the Mexican theme. The food and the decor paid homage to his heritage and their wedding. Along with great food and decor, the festivities were fantastic as well. Jen’s sister, Anna (who you might recognize from her wedding, which Jake photographed a couple years ago) made a “When Harry Met Sally” video. Friends and family were asked to share their stories about their marriage and relationship. It was spliced and edited into a phenomenal end product. Everyone was sat and viewed it at the party. Jen and Carlos were surrounded by love and toasted with stories and advice. They are an adorable duo, and we were very happy to share in congratulating them on their nuptials.

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