Jess and Steve–With Traditional Flair

Jess and Steve
November 3, 2012
Greentree Country Club
New Rochelle, NY

Planning a wedding can be stressful under the best of circumstances. Now imagine that you have planned a wedding on the NY coast scheduled the Saturday after Hurricane Sandy. The venue was without power for a few days. The outdoor beach area took a hit. And the church had a large tree in the front yard fall across the driveway. But everything was fixed up in time for the wedding. Jess and Steve rolled with the punches and did a great job of putting it out of their minds. In the end it all worked out. There were a few minor adjustments, but they were still able to get their special day which was amazing and full of high energy dancing and plenty of fun.

We were excited to see Jess and her family since we were at her brother’s wedding back in June. They are a warm and fun group. And Jess adorable. Despite all the stress, you could see her happiness and excitement in her smile all day. We expected a great time and great party, which is exactly what we got. Jess’ family is not only Italian, but they are Argentinian Italians. This brings an added level of traditional flair to the wedding. We were quite surprised when the costumes came out from under the tables, but we learned that this is a part of the culture. It definitely did the job of getting everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor. It was a first for us at a wedding, and it was a great addition to the day.

Jess’ family’s business revolves around soccer in case you were wondering what all the soccer paraphernalia was in the photos. According to her dad, Gus Sr., “there isn’t an Argentinian who has not played soccer.” He took his passion for the game and made it a family business. You can check out their stores, Soccer and Rugby Imports, in Southern CT. Jess and Steve had to incorporate this family passion into the photos, which we thought was a cute idea. The boys did a typical soccer team photo, and Jess took the time to get on her cleats and dribble the ball a bit. So, Jake and I decided that we should surprise them and use the theme for a ring photo as well! After some photos at the near by park, we managed to get Jess and Steve some of the beach photos they were hoping for. They braved the wind and the debris and joined us on the beach of the club for some photos.

Jess and Steve, thank you for including us in another great family wedding. We enjoyed all the traditions as well as the slideshow of the two of you. Congratulations again and we hope you enjoy the photos!

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