Kristy & Guy

Kristy and Guy
Engagement Photos
Wickham Park

Kristy and Guy are adorable and fun. We had a great time taking photos with them. We somehow managed to choose the two busiest days to attempt a photo session at Wickham Park. We decided against a day with a war reenactment. Only we ended up finding ourselves in the midst of an invitational, high school cross country race. You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but the park was packed. I have never seen it so crowded before! However, Kristy and Guy did great. They were good sports about dodging the crowd and finding quieter places in the park for photos. We also decided to leave the madness and head down the street for a walk along a beautiful trail. The colors really represented the fall feel Kristy and Guy were looking to capture. And the trail was a beautiful place for us all to take a stroll. Enjoy the photos!

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