Earle Park
Audobon Society
Glastonbury, CT

Jake and I were elated when Sara and Dan contacted us for some family photos.  Jake photographed their wedding 6 years ago, so we were excited to catch up and meet their little girl.  I was even more excited to learn that they moved back to the area to my hometown of Glastonbury.  It is truly one of my favorite areas of CT with so much to offer and so many pretty places.

Behind the Audobon Society in Glastonbury is a woodland trail, beautiful bridge, and small pond.  It is an easy walk for little ones and a cute spot for photos.  We met Sara, Dan, and Liliana on a very, hot summer morning.  However it did not slow Liliana down.  She is happy and energetic.  Mom and Dad really wanted a family photo but she preferred to be running free.  We were able to capture all her spunk.  It seems to happen over night that your little baby becomes a little girl.  So the time needs to be cherished and captured.  We had such fun playing with Liliana.  She is a truly adorable girl, and we can’t wait to see everyone again.

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