Liz’s Bat Mitzvah

Last month Jake and I met Liz and her family to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah.  The family is just the sweetest.  It was so nice to see their bond and love for each other.  They laughed, hugged, and encouraged Liz through her rehearsal as she prepped for morning services.  The family are members of the reform synangogue, Temple Sinai, in Newington.  So we were able to be there for the morning excitement prior to services.

Liz was joined by friends and family at Flight in New Britain to celebrate the occasion.  Kids and adults had fun, dancing, playing dodge ball, and doing a whole lot of jumping.  From candy to yummy comfort food to hours of endless action, it was a great party and a perfect way to celebrate being thirteen.  We really enjoyed being a part of the event and meeting the family.  Congratulations!

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