Megan & Jeff–The PROPOSAL at Enders Falls

Megan & Jeff

Proposal at Enders Falls

Granby, CT


I have been excited about posting this blog for quite some time.  Our friend Jeff of JF3 Productions, gave us a call and asked if we would photograph his proposal.  We were immediately excited about the idea.  He also happened to pick a location that is just down the street from our house, so it could not have been better.  Sadly for Jeff, he woke up to a cold, fall day filled with rain, which was sandwiched between weeks of gorgeous warm weather.  I sent him a message asking if we were still a go.  The date was engraved into the ring, so he gave me the thumbs up, and off we all went to the falls.

I am incredibly impressed with Megan.  Jeff had to spin a story to get her out in the pouring rain on a chilly day.  Being a good girlfriend, she followed him as he “scouted a location for a movie.”  Jake had discussed with Jeff what his plan was for the proposal, the location he anticipated getting down on one knee, and the best way for us to time his arrival.  From there Jeff had to trust that we would get it all right!  Jake was what we like to refer to as ninja!  I knew where he was headed, and yet I had absolutely no idea where he was.  I was internally freaking out hoping that when the moment came we were all on the same page.  I could not see him amongst the rocks and the trees.  I crossed my fingers and hoped that he got my, “they’re coming!!!” text.  Sadly I was at an angle that made it impossible to take out the camera.

Now came the fun part.  This was Jeff’s big moment.  He desperately wanted to get it right not only for Megan but for the camera.  Jeff tried his hardest to convince Megan to go to the middle of the slippery waterfall in the middle of the rain.  Let me just say that I am not sure I would have even left the car in her position.  So needless to say, I am not surprised that she was unconvinced to go to the middle of the waterfall (Who can blame the girl?!  It was a long way down to lots of rocks below.)  However she did get far enough to the edge for Jeff to get his photo.  This was such a fun photo shoot to be a part of, and we feel so honored to have captured this momentous occasion.

Out of respect for Jeff, Megan, and their desire to tell everyone at their own pace, we have waited to post photos.  However we saw Megan a couple weeks ago, and she is sporting one of the photos on her phone case.  Jeff, a local movie maker and videographer,  also posted a cute movie trailer poster on his Facebook account.  I think it is safe for us to “let the cat out of the bag!”

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