Michelle and Scott–The Time is Almost Here

Michelle and Scott
Engagement Shoot
Southford Falls

Jake and I had an another beautiful engagement shoot the other day. Michelle and Scott are gorgeous couple. Their wedding is coming up in a little over a month, and we can’t wait. They have a ton of exciting stuff planned, which we have promised to keep a secret. But you will definitely have to check back for their wedding blog to see how their wedding vision comes to life.

We met them at their house to capture a few photos with their loving animals. Their dog was the most well behaved animal and an absolute amazing subject behind the camera. He did a better job than many humans we have encountered! The cat was a bit more apprehensive, but she still joined the party. After getting a few full family photos, we took Scott and Michelle over to Southford Falls. I was surprised to learn that they hadn’t visited the park before. It was close to their house and one of our favorite places for photos. We had a beautiful evening for weather. And with all of the recent rain, the falls were roaring. Normally they are a great backdrop to the photos but this time they were even more beautiful to capture. Michelle and Scott were willing subjects as we took them on a mini tour of the park. I think they look amazing. Enjoy checking out some of their photos!

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