Mom, Dad, and Sophie–Alot Can Happen In A Year

Jen, Jace, and Sophie
Family Portrait Session
Haddam Meadows State Park

Before you look through the photos, let me answer a couple questions for you. Yes, these are real people. We did not use models. Yes, Jen really did give birth 3 months ago! She looks fantastic. Yes, they should look familiar since we photographed their amazing wedding little more than a year ago.

Jen and Jace have experienced a lot in the last year. They were married last September and welcomed Sophie into the world in the beginning of August. She is beautiful and adorable, and she has a wonderful disposition. We were looking forward to seeing Jen and Jace and meeting their baby girl. As I have said before, it certainly hits home even more these days since we are in the two month countdown to the arrival of our daughter. We were excited for the real life advice. And it is always nice to keep in contact with other parents.

You never know what you might get with a baby and a camera, but Sophie did great. She gave us some priceless expressions that made me laugh out loud when I looked through the photos. And we convinced Jen and Jace that it was still perfectly acceptable to have a nice photos of just the two of them. Or, maybe I just wanted to get my hands on Sophie for a minute! It was wonderful to see everyone, and Haddam Meadows was a great location for the photos. We hope you enjoy them!

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