Nikki’s Sugar Rush

Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah
March 1, 2014
Belle Terrace
Avon, CT

Nikki had an awesome Bat Mitzvah celebration at Belle Terrace in Avon, CT. Also it was arguably one of the better weekends of her life. Not only did she accomplish a major milestone in Judaism and have an incredible party, but her hockey team spent the weekend playing in their championship tournament. I am not entirely certain how she was still standing on Sunday night. She kicked off Friday with a game and a photo shoot with us. She followed it up on Saturday with another morning game, more photos, and a sugar fueled party until midnight. Then it was up the next morning to play in her championship game. I was exhausted listening to her schedule. But all the excitement coupled with her sugar rush Mitzvah theme kept Nikki and her friends dancing all night. There was candy all around. I have never seen so many jumbo sized candy bars. The 5lb Hershey bar was quite impressive. It definitely helped the adults and kids alike spend the night dancing away. It was a perfect celebration for a fantastic young lady. Enjoy!

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