Paulette & Mark–Waterview Wedding

Paulette & Mark
May 2, 2014
Church: South Britain Congregational Church, Southbury, CT
Reception: The Waterview

Paulette and Mark are a stunning couple! They looked amazing on their wedding day. We were so very honored to have been a part of this fun and special celebration. While we love all the weddings we are a part of, this one was a bit more close to our hearts. We have known Mark and Paulette for years. We waited and hoped that a wedding would come one day. Not only were we excited by the engagement, but we were elated to be their photographers. They are the sweetest individuals and nicest couple. They have such big hearts and fun personalities. So many people were there to help share in their love and celebration. We had an awesome time with friends and family. There were so many great moments captured from the day. We hope you enjoy!

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