Sarah and Andrew–A Love To Be Thankful For

Jake and I had a great engagement shoot with this couple over the holiday weekend. We met them at their wedding venue otherwise known as Andrew’s family home. Sarah and Andrew currently live in Minneapolis, MN, so we had to take advantage of the time they had in town for some photos. While it was a bit brisk outside, it could not have been a better time for a photo shoot.

Andrew’s step father owns a Turkey farm. Yup, we were at a turkey farm on Thanksgiving weekend, fitting, no? They spent their holiday at the farmhouse where they had just feasted on not one big turkey but rather two large birds. When we walked in from the cold, the smell of blackberry pie baking in the oven overtook us and the family welcomed us. It just felt like Thanksgiving. We were quite excited to check out the surroundings and their plans for the wedding.

When we started the photos shoot, Jake and I spend a minute explaining the usual stuff such as, “It may take a minute to get comfortable.” “It will get easier as we go.” But the conversation was totally unnecessary with this duo. It took us about 30 seconds to realize that the pep talk wasn’t needed. They did awesome. And the setting was perfect. You would also never know from the photos that it was a less than ideal temperature with a pretty strong wind. But these put on their smiles, hugged to stay warm, and worked it for the camera. The photos look awesome, and we can’t wait for the wedding in June. It will be nice to check out more of the farm in warmer weather. Sarah and Andrew thanks for the tour, the pie, and a great photo session. Enjoy!

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