Sarah and Andy–The “Day” of Our Lives

Sarah and Andy
June 8, 2013
Wychwood Turkey Farm
North Stonington, CT

Sarah and Andy had such a beautiful and fun wedding. The location was amazing. It is always nice to photograph a wedding at a venue that is so personal to the couple. Sarah and Andy were married on the grass airplane runway of Wychwood Farm. The farm is a turkey farm in North Stonington (keep that in mind when Thanksgiving comes around), which has been in Andy’s Stepdad’s family for generations. Not only were the grounds for the wedding fantastic but so was the turkey they served at the reception! Guests sat in the actual airplane hangar and under a tent in an open green field, toasted and laughed with this happy couple, and helped them dance the night away. Sarah is by far the most animated bride we have encountered. She gave us and everyone else plenty of laughs and fun throughout the day. Their family and friends were warm and welcoming and a pleasure to spend the day with. Sarah and Andy spent plenty of time putting thought into the many vintage and rustic details of the day. It has been some of my favorite decor we have seen. Sarah’s father grew most of the flowers and did all of the amazing arrangements and bouquets himself. The guests were served dinner on a variety of china, and the centerpieces consisted of different floral arrangements in eclectic glass and china vases. But while all of that was wonderful none of it held a candle to the hilarious wedding vows that this couple shared. They were personal, loving, and funny just like the two people reciting them. Jake and I couldn’t have been more excited and thrilled to have been a part of this wedding celebration. Sarah and Andy thank you for making us a part of your day. It was truly a wedding to remember!

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