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Family Session @ Auer Farm


Family Session @ Auer Farm

The fall is a beautiful time of year for photos.  Most people love the colors of the leaves, but we love the light.  Each season has its own beauty, but nothing beats the evening glow of Autumn.  We had an incredible time capturing this family.  There were so much fun to work with, and they definitely came with their adventurous spirit.  We took them off the beaten path for a beautiful view of Heublein Tower.  The evening light and weather was just perfect for the photos.  The girls were such fun to photograph.  They jumped, danced, and giggle their way through the session.  They even taught us a new song!  We LOVE the photos

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Family Photo Session


Nodbrook Park
Avon, CT


We have met a lot of kids throughout the years.  Photographing families is my favorite part of our job.  As parents we know just how important it is to capture all the precious moments and stages of a kid’s life.  Even the stages that aren’t your favorite are nice to look back upon and realize that it passed by too quickly.  We tell parents all the time that any emotion or behavior during a session is ok with us since it is just capturing life’s real moments and fleeting stages.  And to be honest sometimes it is just too funny to catch not only a silly moment but moments of discontent.  Kids are cute no matter what they are doing.  HOWEVER this little man was amazing for us and the cameras.  He laughed.  He smiled.  He ran all around wanting to explore.  And most importantly, he loved to look at the camera on command.  He was the best!  It isn’t easy to for a two year old to be entertained, happy, and cooperative for a hour, but he did it.  It was such an amazing session with some amazing results.  Thanks everyone for a great time!

See the photos and read the whole story