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First Birthday Session


Any parent will tell you that when it comes to kids, time flies.  A day can seem long, but a year will go by in a flash.  I cannot believe that this little girl turned one.  She is sweet, adorable, and happy.  She is a true second child moving along through life letting her presence be known and keeping her big brother on his toes.  When her big brother turned one, we did family photos in the park.  This was such a fun way to commemorate another first birthday.  We had a gorgeous morning and the roses were all in bloom.  It was the perfect day to play in the grass and celebrate a birthday.

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Cousins–At Elizabeth Park


Family Photo Session

Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT

We had an awesome evening session last week in the park.  The three kids were funny, excited, energetic,  and a blast to photograph.  Claire and Beckett are three and a half year old twins.  There little cousin, Theo, is just shy of two.  They are all at such adorable ages to capture with the camera.  The kids played well with each other and encouraged each other to smile big and play for the camera.  They all did a great job together.  We even got the moms and Grandma to jump into a few photos.  This session was done so their Mimi (Grandma) could have some nice photos of her grandchildren for her home.  Sadly she lives a plane ride away, but hopefully these photos will keep her smiling on a daily basis.  I can’t seem to pick a favorite since I love so many of them.  Thanks everyone for such a fun evening in the park.

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Family Photos At Elizabeth Park


Kevin, Christina, Jake, and Emilie

Elizabeth Park

September 18, 2015


This sweet family made their blog debut exactly a year ago.  We met them for the first time to take newborn photos of their daughter Emilie.  Now she is a spunky one year old working on her walking!  As usual we had a great time with their son Jake.  He is a kind and energetic kid who is gearing up to start Kindergarten.  He is imaginative, polite, and a pleasure to photograph.  Jake and I were very excited when they contacted us to do another photo session this year.  We headed to Elizabeth Park for a nice park tour and some fun photos.  Enjoy!

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Where’s My Blog Posting


Hi everyone,
For all of you who have been on our blog recently or in the last couple years, I promise you have not disappeared. It will be a long process to get your photos onto the new site, but it will be done. In the meantime, you can still direct your friends and family to our old blog to check out your photos. They can be found at http://www.jakekoteen.wordpress.com. If you have any questions please just contact me through our website, and I am happy to help. We hope that you enjoy the new site and the new blog.
Jess and Jake

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The right look takes time


We seem to have gotten it the way we like it!

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Enjoying the new layout?


We are working on enhancing our blog. It has been a work in progress, but we are happy with the results. We always love feedback!

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They might look familiar


but we love them just the same!

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A few fun images of the day

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