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Alec’s Bar Mitzvah–Rentschler Field


Rentschler Field

This is our second Mitvah with Alec and his family. Two years ago we had the pleasure of photographing Alec’s brother, Evan’s big day. Both times the parties did not disappoint us or the guests. Yet again it was an incredible evening impeccably planned by Staci, Alec’s mom. Both events were held in unique sports venues befitting of a Bar Mitzvah celebration.

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Lilli’s Bat Mitzvah–Farmington Gardens


Lilli’s Bat Mitzvah
December 20, 2014
Farmington Gardens

Jake and I joined Lilli and her family for a fun filled night at the Farmington Gardens. Lilli was celebrating her 13th birthday (a little bit early) and her Jewish coming of age with family and friends. Jake and I were at synagogue during services. We were able to hear her at reading and she did amazing. This was a well deserved night of dancing and games as a reward to the months of hard work. Boppers Events did a great job as usual of getting people out of the seats and on the dance floor. The details were a great complement to the night and a special girl. The party was a fantastic way to spend a chilly winter night. Lilli is a sweetie, and we were very honored to capture the memories for her and her family.

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Nikki’s Sugar Rush

Nikki Blog - 24

Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah
March 1, 2014
Belle Terrace
Avon, CT

Nikki had an awesome Bat Mitzvah celebration at Belle Terrace in Avon, CT. Also it was arguably one of the better weekends of her life. Not only did she accomplish a major milestone in Judaism and have an incredible party, but her hockey team spent the weekend playing in their championship tournament. I am not entirely certain how she was still standing on Sunday night. She kicked off Friday with a game and a photo shoot with us. She followed it up on Saturday with another morning game, more photos, and a sugar fueled party until midnight. Then it was up the next morning to play in her championship game. I was exhausted listening to her schedule. But all the excitement coupled with her sugar rush Mitzvah theme kept Nikki and her friends dancing all night. There was candy all around. I have never seen so many jumbo sized candy bars. The 5lb Hershey bar was quite impressive. It definitely helped the adults and kids alike spend the night dancing away. It was a perfect celebration for a fantastic young lady. Enjoy!

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Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah–SNEAK PEEK

Nicki's Bat Mitzvah - 0483 colorize

Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah
March 1, 2014
Belle Terrace
Avon, CT

Nikki had an action packed weekend. From hockey games to dancing with friends, I am not sure she stopped for even a moment. Jake and I had the pleasure of documenting her “Sugar Rush” Bat Mitzvah at Belle Terrace. The party was non stop from beginning to end. There is much more to say and share, but i’ll save it for the full blog. In the meantime, enjoy her sneak peek.

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David’s Bar Mitzvah–Kicking off 2014

David Blog - 32

David’s Bar Mitzvah
The Riverview
January 18, 2014

Jake and I kicked off our 2014 season with this fun, afternoon Bar Mitzvah. The day was beautiful for guests at the Riverview. The big windows overlook the Farmington River, which had a nice cover of snow. To add the the nice winter atmosphere snowflakes were falling throughout the afternoon. It was a magical day at the venue.
While the adults were enjoying the ambiance, the kids were enjoying a ton of games. They were entertained for the afternoon with shooting hoops, trivia games, and the favorite coke/pepsi game. These high energy guys were fiercely competitive and quite good at all the activities. I was especially impressed with David’s limbo skills. All of his soccer definitely payed off in this activity. Speaking of soccer, David’s mom, Sheri, did an excellent job of bringing the theme to the day. The cake, which was done by a family friend was amazing and the place card settings were quite imaginative. It was a fun afternoon of great friends and great food complete with an awesome ice cream and candy bar. We were very excited to have been a part of such a milestone in David’s life. Enjoy!

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Micah’s Mitzvah Photos

Micah and Family
West Hartford, CT:
Young Israel Synagogue

Jake and I had the pleasure of meeting this warm, fun, and energetic blended family a couple weeks ago to document Micah’s bar mitzvah. We met the family at the synagogue for some photos to commemorate the occasion. Micah did a little practicing with us inside the temple before we headed outside for some family photos. While we were with everyone, we took the opportunity to get a few head shots, photos with all the siblings, and a some great photos of Micah all on his own. This was such a sweet family, and they were all so excited to have come from near and far to watch Micah become a man of the Jewish community. We want to thank all of you for a great photo session. Enjoy!

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Celebrating Jessica

Jess Blog - 07

Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah
May 4, 2013
Tower Ridge Country Club

We joined Jessica and her family last week to document Jess’ Bat Mitzvah. Jessica and her family were super sweet. We were so honored to be a part of this momentous occasion in her life. We were able to get some time with Jess and her family as she rehearsed for her big day, and what we saw was extremely impressive. A Mitzvah is a big and stressful occasion that takes a lot of hard work. Learning all of the Hebrew is challenging, but Jess did an amazing job. When it was all over, everyone was ready to get the party started. Jess had a smile on from the start of her party until the very end. Her friends were excited to be celebrating with her and had a blast with all of the games and activities. This was a wonderful event for us to document. It was a very beautiful afternoon at the Tower Ridge Country Club. Congratulations on a job well done as you and your family celebrate this Jewish milestone. We hope all of you enjoy the photos!

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