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Family Session @ the farm


Family Session @ Auer Farm

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing our besties, their kids, and the rest of the family.  We were super excited when they reached out to us for some photos.  They are like family for us, so it was an extra special session.  We had such a fun time capturing the kiddos running around and being silly.  The kids are adorable, little subjects, and the light was beautiful for some early fall photos.

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Family Session @ Holcomb Farm


Jen, Abe, and Matthew

Holcomb Farm

I can’t believe it has already been a year.  We were quite excited to see these three again.  Matthew is another year older and even more adorable than before.  He was such a great sport.  He hopped in the tall grass, ran through the fields, and giggled his way across the farm.  His infectious smile kept us laughing and snapping photos.  It is so much fun to watch kids grow from year to year and gain even more personality.

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Family Session @ Auer Farm


Family Session @ Auer Farm

The fall is a beautiful time of year for photos.  Most people love the colors of the leaves, but we love the light.  Each season has its own beauty, but nothing beats the evening glow of Autumn.  We had an incredible time capturing this family.  There were so much fun to work with, and they definitely came with their adventurous spirit.  We took them off the beaten path for a beautiful view of Heublein Tower.  The evening light and weather was just perfect for the photos.  The girls were such fun to photograph.  They jumped, danced, and giggle their way through the session.  They even taught us a new song!  We LOVE the photos

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Kelley & Laura–Engagement Session


Kelley & Laura

White Memorial Park

Litchfield, CT

This summer Jake and I discovered White Memorial Park in Litchfield, CT.  We went on Thursdays for their summer race series and fell in love.  It is conservationist land with 40 miles of trails.  The first time we were there I decided that we MUST do an engagement session in the park.  I thought it would be magical.  I was not disappointed!

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Deb & Todd–Wedding @ Wadsworth Mansion


Deb & Todd

August 25, 2017

Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown, CT


Deb and Todd had a gorgeous afternoon for a lawn wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion.  The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and al fresco dance floor.  It was truly a well-deserved day to remember.  We had such a great time with these two throughout the day.  They never stopped smiling.  They never stopped laughing.  And they never stopped enjoying each moment with each other.

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Family Session @ The Beach


We love when this family reaches out to us for their annual photo session.  Not only do they give me an opportunity to put my toes in the sand, but they are always prepared for fun photos and a swim in their clothes!  This kids are just too cute.  This year there was another new addition to the family.  The little cousins all have such a blast together.  This year they even did a dance party for us on the beach.  For us, it is so rewarding to see families year after year.  As usual we had a great time with everyone and really appreciate the beautiful evening on the beach.

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Deb & Todd–Wedding Sneak Peek


Wadsworth Mansion
Middletown, CT

Deb and Todd married this past weekend.  It was a beautiful afternoon and evening on the Mansion lawn. Guests were guests were treated to fantastic food from Billy Grant Catering and a fun evening of dancing outside.  Deb even surprised Todd with an amazing fireworks display.  This day was gorgeous and fun from start to finish.  We hope you enjoy the preview, and make sure to check back because there are many more photos to come!

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Sarah & Jon–Inn at Mystic Wedding


Inn At Mystic Wedding

July 29, 2017

Jake and I had such a fun time capturing this wedding.  Less than a year ago, we had the pleasure of photographing Sarah’s sister’s wedding.  We already knew how sweet Sarah, Jon, and her family were, so we were very excited for the day.  Jon’s family was equally warm and wonderful.  It was truly a day built around love for both of them.

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Cheri & Matt–Wedding @ Geer Farm


Cheri & Matt

July 22, 2017

The Overlook @ Geer Tree Farm

Cheri and Matt are two of the sweetest people we have met.  It was such and honor to spend their wedding day with them.  Jake and I had never been to the overlook before, and we loved it the moment we arrived.  We instantly understood why Cheri and Matt chose this location for their wedding.  Like them it is laid back, fun, a little quirky, and beautiful.  Geer Farm is a family run business.  The staff is friendly and full of heart.  They have paid attention to all the little details that make a day special.  And the land and the view is spectacular.  Matt and Cheri said they chose the venue because they loved looking out onto the sky.  We loved their choice.

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SNEAK PEEK–Wedding @ Geer Tree Farm


Cheri & Matt

July 22, 2017

With Cheri and Matt the laughs never stop.  From the moment we arrived until the last photo, there were smiles and laughs all around.  It was such a pleasure to photograph this wedding.  We could not be more excited for these two.  Geer Tree Farm is a gorgeous venue with vast land and endless photo possibilities.  Here is a little preview of the wedding with many more to come soon.  Cheri and Matt, congrats!

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Family Beach Session


Jake and I headed to the beach for a gorgeous night along the Connecticut shore.  I love it when a photo shoot has me barefoot with my toes in the sand!  This family has their summertime get together at the family cottage; and we love when we get to be apart of the festivities.  Everyone was relaxed and sun kissed.  As usual we had a great time with everyone.

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First Birthday Session


Any parent will tell you that when it comes to kids, time flies.  A day can seem long, but a year will go by in a flash.  I cannot believe that this little girl turned one.  She is sweet, adorable, and happy.  She is a true second child moving along through life letting her presence be known and keeping her big brother on his toes.  When her big brother turned one, we did family photos in the park.  This was such a fun way to commemorate another first birthday.  We had a gorgeous morning and the roses were all in bloom.  It was the perfect day to play in the grass and celebrate a birthday.

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Family Session–Backyard Party


Every year the family has a party on Father’s Day.  This year they asked us to join the festivities with our cameras!  This was a year when father’s day had even more meaning as there were many new dads in attendance.Since last winter there have been 4 new additions to the family and one more coming in September!   Jake and I had the privilege of photographing a few weddings for the family, and now we get to watch it grow.   The first generation of cousins are all close in age and they are brining up the next generation the same way.  It is such a special and fun thing to see.  We have loved every family gathering we have been to, and we hope to see everyone at many more.

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Family Session–Granby, CT


Family Session

Granby, CT

Our Outdoor Studio

We have had TWO glorious days of sunshine, and it feels amazing.  I still can’t believe that it is June.  Most days this spring it seems like the rain will never end.  In fact at the start of this session, the rain was coming down outside.  Everyone was incredibly patient and decided to wait it out and let it pass.  Fortunately it was all worth the wait.  Once the rain stopped the sky opened and the sun was shining.  Once we let the kiddos outside they wanted to run around in the grass.  Not only is it hard to stay inside, but it has been difficult to be cooped up for weeks.  We had a fun time playing outside with everyone.  Enjoy of few photos from this session at our “outdoor studio” and enjoy the weather!

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Courtney & Evan–Glastonbury Wedding


Courtney & Evan

Ceremony:  Glastonbury Yacht Club, South Glastonbury

Tree Photos:  South Glastonbury

Reception: 2Hopewell Restaurant


We love every wedding that we photograph.  We always feel like we have made new friends, which makes the day special.   But this wedding came with a bit more history and was just a bit more special to photograph.  Evan and I grew up on the same street.  I went to Elementary school with some of the guests!  Courtney, Evan, and I grew up in Glastonbury and Courtney and I were in the same grade.  While we have not all seen each other for years, there is a shared past that gives us a forever connection.  Jake and Evan were the best of friends in high school.  All three of us went to private high school together.  There is so much shared history that we could not have been more excited when Courtney and Evan reached out to us to photograph their day.

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Earle Park
Audobon Society
Glastonbury, CT

Jake and I were elated when Sara and Dan contacted us for some family photos.  Jake photographed their wedding 6 years ago, so we were excited to catch up and meet their little girl.  I was even more excited to learn that they moved back to the area to my hometown of Glastonbury.  It is truly one of my favorite areas of CT with so much to offer and so many pretty places.

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Family Session–Simsbury, CT


Last Sunday this sweet family decided to brave the funny weather and meet us for a photo shoot.  It was a day of rain with pockets of sunshine.  Just as they were meeting us the raindrops started to fall.  They were good sports walking through the grass being shelter by umbrella.  However just as we came to the clearing the rain stopped, and they were able to toss the umbrellas to the side for a few photos before it started again.  The kids were super cute and cooperative with the camera.  We are very happy everything worked out for some great family photos.

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Nina & Joe–Greenwich, CT Wedding


Nina & Joe

Pre Wedding:  Hyatt Regency

Ceremony:  Saint Mary Church

Formal Photos:  Roger Sherman Baldwin Park

Reception:  Gabriele’s Restaurant


Nina and Joe were married on a warm sunshine day in June.  They two are gorgeous people both inside and out.  They joy was all over their faces; and the camera loved them both!  Jake and I had an incredible day documenting this marriage and witnessing the love between each other and their families.

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Margaret and Nick–Hillstead Museum Wedding


Margaret and Nick
August 8, 2015
Hillstead Museum, Farmington, CT

Jake and I had the pleasure of documenting Margaret and Nick’s wedding a little over a week ago.  This was a particularly fun wedding for Jake to be a part of since Margaret and Jake grew up directly next door to each other!  We were so honored to have been included in this spectacular day.  And the day itself could not have been more perfect.  This gorgeous wedding was on the grounds of the Hillstead Museum.  The Farmington Valley countryside offered an incredible backdrop to the event.  This August day had the perfect weather for the perfect afternoon.

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Stephanie & Steve–SNEAK PEEK



Stephanie & Steve

May 31, 2015

The Branford House

Avery Point, Groton, CT


Here are a couple photos from last Sunday’s wedding.  It was such an honor to be a part of this day.  It is evident to anyone around these two that they are meant to be with each other.  They couldn’t hide their excitement and joy from the moment their eyes locked at their ceremony to the last minute of their wedding.  We have heard from friends and family that this love for each other looks the same every other day as well.  It was a fun afternoon along the CT coast complete with food trucks and lawn games.  Make sure to check back for more details and photos of this fantastic wedding.

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SNEAK PEEK–Elif & Andrew


Elif & Andrew

May 30, 2015

Westport Country Playhouse


This past Saturday we headed down to Westport, CT to photograph the first wedding ever held at the Country Playhouse.  It was a beautiful day along the shore and a fun and unique wedding.  This couple met at the playhouse, so it was quite fitting to use the grounds for their wedding.  There were so many fun and personal touches to the day.  Make sure to check back for more soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the preview.  The first couple photos are my favorite since they were capture directly after the ceremony when they thought no one was watching.  It was such a sweet and genuine moment that perfectly conveyed their feelings on this beautiful day.

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Barbara & Tom–Norwalk Aquarium Wedding


Barbara and Tom
May 9, 2015
Norwalk Aquarium, Norwalk, CT


Barbara and Tom had a beautiful spring day for a wedding.  This past winter seemed endless, and the last time we saw these two we were walking through deep snow snapping their engagement photos.  Finally the trees were in bloom and the weather warmed for an amazing wedding day.  The aquarium in Norwalk is a fun and different venue.  The building sits right by the water and has a great New England feel.  Inside guests are entertained by the fish, turtles, and sharks in the tanks during cocktail hour and joined by the seals during dinner.  The live entertainment always adds an extra element of fun as well as provides a great topic for conversation.  The guests were delightfully surprised by the aquarium transformation into a wedding venue.

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Molly–First Photos For Her First Birthday!

Molly Blog - 17

May 24, 2015

Northwest Park, Windsor, CT


We headed out memorial day weekend for our favorite kind of photo shoot, a kid shoot!  We caught up with Colleen and Jason, who are the proud parents of 1 year old Molly.  Jake and I had the privilege of photographing their wedding a couple years ago.  So we were very excited to meet their little girl.  Molly is adorable.  After a little while, she forgot all about being shy with us and started enjoying playing for the camera.  We had a gorgeous day for the park.  We took a tour around to see the animals, play in the grass, and enjoy the playground.  Molly practiced walking and took a turn at feeding the sheep.  It was a fun session with a sweet family.  Molly was a delight to meet and photograph and super cute!  We hope to see everyone again soon.

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Alec’s Bar Mitzvah–Rentschler Field


Rentschler Field

This is our second Mitvah with Alec and his family. Two years ago we had the pleasure of photographing Alec’s brother, Evan’s big day. Both times the parties did not disappoint us or the guests. Yet again it was an incredible evening impeccably planned by Staci, Alec’s mom. Both events were held in unique sports venues befitting of a Bar Mitzvah celebration.

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Laura & Steven–SNEAK PEEK at St.Clements Castle


Laura & Steven
St.Clements Castle
October 12, 2014

The weather was perfect on Sunday for this fall affair. Laura and Steven had a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the grounds of St.Clements Castle. The time of day for photos was just right and the fall colors added a gorgeous natural backdrop. There are many more to come, but enjoy the preview in the meantime.

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Diana and Hai–Tented Backyard Wedding


Diana and Hai
September 6, 2014
Private Residence
Suffield, CT

Diana and Hai had a gorgeous wedding. They chose to tie the knot on the property of Diana’s family home in Suffield. It was the perfect place for these two to exchange vows. Diana shared a place special to her and her family and with her newest family members. The expansive property had so much to offer for the photos, and thankfully the weather cooperated. Despite the threat of thunderstorms, we were able to explore the grounds. The wedding was full of personal touches and beautiful details.

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Maribeth & Mike–Wedding At Crystal Cove


Maribeth & Mike
June 14, 2014
Bridal Prep: Private Residence
Formal Photos: Capitol Building, Albany, NY
Ceremony/Reception: Crystal Cove, Averill Park, NY

Being a part of Mike and Maribeth’s wedding was a fun and special day for us. Jake grew up in the same town as Mike, so there were plenty of familiar faces at the wedding. It is always nice to have a personal connection to the wedding. Although we had yet to meet the girl Mike had been telling us about, the moment we met Maribeth, it felt as if we had known her forever. She is warm, sweet, and a ton of fun. She and her family opened the doors to the house and treated us as if we had been there a hundred times before.
After Maribeth was in her dress and ready to go, we headed over to the Capitol Building in Albany for Mike and Maribeth’s first look. We had to do a a quick change of plans from the park to the Capitol thanks to a road race. However I think the change worked out amazing. The old building is gorgeous and was an incredible spot for photos. There were some many places amongst the architecture to take photos that it was hard to leave. However, we need to get these two married!
The ceremony and reception were at Crystal Cove. Mike told us that it would be like going to camp for the reception since they wanted something laid back and fun vibe. The venue looked beautiful, the day was exactly what they had hoped for. Mike and Maribeth were married outside overlooking the lake. Then guests were sent up the hill inside the open air structure for dinner and dancing. It was an beautiful night in upstate NY for a wedding, and everyone had a fantastic time. Mike and Maribeth, thanks for including us in your day.

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Jessica & Rockwell–Wedding At The Woodwinds


Jessica & Rockwell
June 7, 2014
Bridal Prep: Lis-A-Lis Salon, Guilford, CT
Ceremony & Reception: The Woodwinds, Branford, CT

Jessica and Rockwell were a sweet, fun couple, who were so easy to photograph. We met Jess at the salon. She sat patiently through her makeup as we snapped away. From the start she let us know that she was up for anything, excited for the day, and completely relaxed about everything. Jake was quickly inspired by the salon and the surroundings, and Jess was willing to take a little walk about. I absolutely love some of her photos in Guilford.

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Alison & Jason–SNEAK PEEK


Alison & Jason
June 27, 2014
The Riverhouse, Haddam, CT

Here is a little preview of last Friday’s wedding. It was such an amazing day to get married, and Ali and Jason were a great couple. We truly enjoyed being a part of this wedding day and sharing in the joy with friends and family. There is more to come, so don’t forget to check back soon!

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Sandra & Jason–Engagement Shoot


Sandra & Jason
June 24, 2014
Engagement Shoot & Family Photos
Location: At Home & Southford Falls

Sandra and Jason are not only joining their lives together in marriage, but they are joining their families together. They each have two children and together a son. It is a true blending of families, and we could not be more excited or happy for this couple. The are warm and welcoming duo. From the moment we met them, we felt like we had known them forever. And that feeling was reinforced when we met up with them for photos last week. Sandra’s daughters and their son were present for a few family photos at the house. Like any children, they wanted to ham it up for the camera. After some group photos, we stole mom and dad for a few photos of their own. We headed over to Southford Falls with Sandra and Jason for some beautiful photos to commemorate this joyous time in their lives. We can’t wait for the wedding in just a couple weeks!

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Cristiana & Mark–Wedding at Anthony’s Ocean View


Cristiana & Mark
May 31, 2014
Ceremony: Our Lady of Mount Caramel Church, Hamden, CT
Photos: Edgerton Park, Hamden, CT
Reception: Anthony’s Oceanview, East Haven, CT

Jake and I had a great time at the wedding a few weeks ago. Cristiana and Mark had a ton of friends and family who surrounded them with love, laughter, and a whole lot of celebrating on their wedding day. The guests came from all over to watch them exchange their vows. Cristiana and Mark are from two very different parts of the country. Mark is from North Haven, CT and Cristiana is from Texas. The wedding was a great opportunity to bring together all the people they love to meet and celebrate with them. And it turned out fantastic!

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Kat & Matt–Engagement Shoot At Harkness Park


Kat & Matt
Engagement Shoot
June 2, 2014
Harkness Park, Waterford, CT

Kat and Matt just sounds cute. Then you meet them, and they are cute! They were committed to their engagement photos, and we appreciated their enthusiasm. These two drove all the way from NYC (per their suggestion) to meet us at our favorite CT park. Harkness never disappoints for photos. We walked from one end to the next giving this couple the full tour. After a couple hours, we had many laughs and captured many great photos. Enjoy!

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Nikki’s Sugar Rush

Nikki Blog - 24

Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah
March 1, 2014
Belle Terrace
Avon, CT

Nikki had an awesome Bat Mitzvah celebration at Belle Terrace in Avon, CT. Also it was arguably one of the better weekends of her life. Not only did she accomplish a major milestone in Judaism and have an incredible party, but her hockey team spent the weekend playing in their championship tournament. I am not entirely certain how she was still standing on Sunday night. She kicked off Friday with a game and a photo shoot with us. She followed it up on Saturday with another morning game, more photos, and a sugar fueled party until midnight. Then it was up the next morning to play in her championship game. I was exhausted listening to her schedule. But all the excitement coupled with her sugar rush Mitzvah theme kept Nikki and her friends dancing all night. There was candy all around. I have never seen so many jumbo sized candy bars. The 5lb Hershey bar was quite impressive. It definitely helped the adults and kids alike spend the night dancing away. It was a perfect celebration for a fantastic young lady. Enjoy!

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Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah–SNEAK PEEK

Nicki's Bat Mitzvah - 0483 colorize

Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah
March 1, 2014
Belle Terrace
Avon, CT

Nikki had an action packed weekend. From hockey games to dancing with friends, I am not sure she stopped for even a moment. Jake and I had the pleasure of documenting her “Sugar Rush” Bat Mitzvah at Belle Terrace. The party was non stop from beginning to end. There is much more to say and share, but i’ll save it for the full blog. In the meantime, enjoy her sneak peek.

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David’s Bar Mitzvah–Kicking off 2014

David Blog - 32

David’s Bar Mitzvah
The Riverview
January 18, 2014

Jake and I kicked off our 2014 season with this fun, afternoon Bar Mitzvah. The day was beautiful for guests at the Riverview. The big windows overlook the Farmington River, which had a nice cover of snow. To add the the nice winter atmosphere snowflakes were falling throughout the afternoon. It was a magical day at the venue.
While the adults were enjoying the ambiance, the kids were enjoying a ton of games. They were entertained for the afternoon with shooting hoops, trivia games, and the favorite coke/pepsi game. These high energy guys were fiercely competitive and quite good at all the activities. I was especially impressed with David’s limbo skills. All of his soccer definitely payed off in this activity. Speaking of soccer, David’s mom, Sheri, did an excellent job of bringing the theme to the day. The cake, which was done by a family friend was amazing and the place card settings were quite imaginative. It was a fun afternoon of great friends and great food complete with an awesome ice cream and candy bar. We were very excited to have been a part of such a milestone in David’s life. Enjoy!

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Alex Has Arrived!

Alex Blog - 18

Baby Alex
In The Studio

We have waited months to meet Alex, and we were so excited to capture a few photos during his first week. We met our friends, Ashley and Chris, at our studio to document the little man’s first few days. They even indulged me in trying a photo that was inspired by Wengenn In Wonderland.. This mom and artist’s blog is definitely worth checking out. Alex did great behind the camera, and we are so happy to have documented this precious and fleeting time in this little man’s life. It is amazing how quickly they grow and change. I am sure the next photo session will be very different.

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Emily & Chinh

Emily & Chinh Blog - 030

Emily & Chinh
November 9, 2013
The Delamar Hotel at Southport
Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

I can’t believe it, but I writing my last wedding blog of 2013! It was an awesome wedding season that brought us to many new places. We definitely ended the season on a high note. Emily and Chinh had a spectacular event in a unique setting. Everything about the day was beautiful and these two were effortlessly stunning! They were laid back and fun and a pleasure to spend the day with.

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NIc’cole + YAssine=NIYA!!

Niya’s Newborn Photos

It hasn’t been very long since these Nic’ole and Yassine appeared on our blog. Athough you won’t see the in these photos, you may remember them from their maternity photos just a couple months ago. While these two were actually present for the photos, they were behind the scenes. As new parents will attest, it isn’t fun to be sleep deprived and feel camera ready. Instead the photos were all about Niya. They welcomed their daughter on October 24th, and she is adorable. I love her name and origins behind it. Since she is a product of NIc’cole and YAssine, so is her name. We had the pleasure of spending some time with everyone at their house. Niya wasn’t always a fan of the camera, but she did a great job! Check out some of her adorable photos below.

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Katie and Kent–

Katie and Kent Blog - 28

Katie and Kent
October 5, 2013
Vernon, CT

Jake and I really enjoyed photographing Katie and Kent’s wedding. It was a different kind of day for us. It reminded us a bit of how weddings were when our parents were married. Katie and Kent asked us to come just for the ceremony and to capture some photos of family and friends. Katie arrived at the church and stayed behind closed door until the ceremony began. Kent saw her for the first time down the aisle. After they were officially married, they greeted guests and posed for photos. The church was beautiful and bright and the grounds were impeccable. It was the perfect place for their photos. Katie and Kent, we really enjoyed meeting both of you and learning a little bit about your history together. We hope you like the photos.

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Emily & Chinh–SNEAK PEEK


Emily & Chinh
November 9, 2013
Delamar Hotel, Southport, CT
Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk, CT

Jake and I captured an amazing wedding this past Saturday at the Aquarium in Norwalk. The event had such a cool vibe and interesting details. Guests ate dinner in a room with seals and shared cocktails and hors d’oeuvres next to the shark tank! So, you definitely need to check back for the full blog. In the meantime, here are a few photos of this stunning couple. Emily and Chinh opted for a first look since, as we know, the sun sets quite early in November. We took these two to a private area of the Delamar Hotel for a few photos on their own. Emily looked amazing! It was nice for them to have a moment to take each other in and share a conversation before the excitement of the day kicked off. Enjoy the preview.

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Erin & Taha–Meeting In the Middle

Erin and Taha Blog - 075

Erin & Taha
September 28, 2013
Guilford Yacht Club

Jake and I had not met this couple until the day of the wedding. It didn’t take us long after meeting them to absolutely love them! They are sweet, easy-going, warm hearted people. We were so honored to have been a part of their first of two weddings. They had a beautiful afternoon to get married on the lawn of the yacht club.

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Paulette & Mark–Reservoir Engagement Shoot

Mark and Paulette Blog - 18

Paulette & Mark
West Hartford Reservoir

Jake and I were super excited to do an engagement shoot with these two. We have known Mark and Paulette for years. We have even celebrated a few holidays together. They feel like family to us, so it was nice and special for us to help them document their engagement. We joined them at the reservoir off Rt.44 to take advantage of a setting with a few different things to offer. The trees were full of color and the reservoir added a nice water element to the photos. It was a fun time with both of them. We are so excited and honored to be a part of their wedding day next May. We hope you enjoy checking out some of their photos.

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Katie & Kent–SNEAK PEEK


Katie & Kent
First Congregational Church
Vernon, CT
October 5, 2013

Jake and I photographed Katie and Kent’s wedding a couple weeks ago on an amazing fall Saturday. The sun was shining. The weather was warm. And the church had beautiful grounds for photos. This couple kept it simple. We were only there to capture what was really important, the ceremony, family photos, and a few pics of the newlyweds. Here is a little pretty of the happy couple.

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Dave & Veronica–The Merry Go Round of Love

Dave and Veronica - 18

Dave & Veronica
September 6, 2013
Lighthouse Point Park

Dave and Veronica had an amazing wedding. Jake and I have been to Lighthouse Point Park a few times before for photos, but we had never photographed an event at the park. We were excited to check out the venue for the first time. It is an huge pavilion by the ocean complete with a carousel. Dave and Veronica played up the merry go round with a nod to the carnival theme as well as adding fun vintage touches throughout. They are a duo with a great sense of humor. We had many laughs with them during their photo sessions and they came up with some great ideas for photos. Throughout the venue were interesting and personal touches to the day like a typewriter for guests to create notes and wishes for the couple. Dave is technology savvy, so he created an animated photo booth for friends and family enjoy. After a beautiful ceremony on the beach guests dined on food from Dave and Veronica’s favorite food trucks. There was a crepe truck on one side and a brick oven truck on the other. The food was awesome and it was a great twist on a catered event! The evening by the ocean was gorgeous and the wedding was a ton of fun. The carousel added to the entertainment with rides for everyone. It is definitely a wedding and a venue worth checking out. Enjoy!

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Leslie & Mike–At Last!

Leslie and Mike Blog - 058

Leslie & Mike
August 24, 2013
Madison Beach Hotel

Jake and I had met Leslie and Mike on two occasions, and we really enjoyed getting to know them both times. With each couple we meet, we always want to know their story. How did they meet? How did they get engaged? Leslie and Mike were both very sweet and nonchalant about their length of time together. However we learned at their wedding that their families were quite ready and waiting for this gorgeous couple to FINALLY get married! Although Mike and Leslie are young, they have quite a long history. I mean, they went to prom together long history! Yup, these two met in high school. Needless to say, this was a wedding that everyone was happy to attend and thankful that the day had finally arrived. And it couldn’t have been anymore beautiful a day for such a beautiful and deserving couple. Leslie and Mike had bright sun and clear skies for their beach ceremony. And a beautiful sunset to look out at during their reception. The Madison Beach Hotel looked amazing since the renovations. It was an awesome day and a great location for a CT shoreline wedding. Jake and I were very excited to have been a part of their day. Enjoy!

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Kate & Matt–SNEAK PEEK


Kate & Matt
Albany Country Club
September 7, 2013

Kate and Matt have officially been married for one week! We hope they are enjoying their honeymoon. Last Saturday we joined them in the Hills of NY for their wedding. The country club had beautiful grounds and mother nature cooperated just enough for us to stay outside for photos. There are more to come soon, but enjoy the preview.

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Dave & Veronica–SNEAK PEEK

Dave & Veronica - 13

Dave & Veronica
September 6, 2013
Lighthouse Point Park

A week ago today, we joined Dave and Veronica for their wedding. Jake and I have been to Lighthouse Point Park for photos before, but we have never experienced a wedding in the park. It was awesome! Dave and Veronica were fun light hearted, and created an amazing evening for guests. When you are married at the park, the carousel is a part of the festivities. We had fun watching guests of all ages, the bridal party, and of course the bride and groom take a spin or two throughout the day. But that is all I am going to tell for now. You will have to check back later for more about this fun event. In the meantime enjoy the preview!

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Cassie & Evan–SNEAK PEEK

Cassie & Evan
August 31, 2013
Branford House

Jake and I had another beautiful day along the CT Shoreline. Cassie and Evan had a church ceremony at St.Mary’s in New London followed by a gorgeous reception at the Branford House. Avery Point is a perfect location to celebrate a wedding and bring a close to summer with an ocean breeze and old stone home setting. Enjoy a little preview of the photos with many more to come soon!

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Laura & Steven–Up On The Hill

laura and steven blog - 25

Laura and Steven
Engagement Shoot
Lyman Orchards

We met Laura and Steven a few weeks ago at Lyman Orchards for their engagement shoot. They live not far from the orchards and thought it would be a great backdrop for photos. It was awesome! However, for those of you who have not done the Lyman experience, it is massive! There are acres and acres of land, fruit trees, and even a golf course. Laura and Steven were open to our suggestions on photos, yet we had no idea where to even begin! Jake and I were there early looking around and getting ideas, when we met our angel of the orchard. I decided to ask this sweet looking girl who was shutting down the farm stand if she had any ideas. I figured who better than an employee to give us the scoop on great photo locations. Gracie was excited and eager to help. She hoped in her SUV and we followed her down paths we would have never explored on our own. She walked us to her favorite spots in the apple and peach orchards. And she showed us some incredible views. We took it all in and used many of the locations she showed us. The light was gorgeous, Laura and Steven did great with the camera, and we LOVE the photos. So Laura and Steven, thanks for choosing such a great location and being awesome subjects. And Gracie, thanks for the tour. It wouldn’t have been as fun and successful without your help!

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The D’s Family Photos–SNEAK PEEK

The D Family hits another milestone!

Here is a little preview of our “ready for school” family session. The kids were a blast as usual. They did great behind the camera, and there are many more to come soon. Enjoy!

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Leslie & Mike–SNEAK PEEK

DSC_0098 faded color

Leslie and Mike
August 25, 2013
The Madison Beach Hotel

Jake and I were with this gorgeous duo this past Saturday. They had clear skies and warm air for their ocean side wedding. The Madison Beach Hotel is an amazing venue along the CT shore. There are many more photos to come, but enjoy the preview.

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Kristy & Guy–Vows with a View

Guy & Kristy Blog - 062

Kristy & Guy
July 27, 2013
Anthony’s Ocean View
New Haven, CT

Kristy and Guy are such a sweet couple. It had been quite a while since their engagement shoot last fall, and we were looking forward to the wedding. We had a wonderful time with them, and we were excited to join in their day. Having gotten to know each of them a little, we expected the wedding to be a beautiful and fun day. However we actually underestimated just how fun the day turned out to be!
We met Kristy and the girls for photos at the Marriott in New Haven. After everyone was ready, excited, and eagerly anticipating the nuptials, per Kristy’s request, Jake got a photo of both bride and groom before the ceremony. They wanted to have the special moment of seeing each other for the first time as Kristy walked down the sand aisle. So they used the hotel door to keep the surprise.
When we arrived at the venue, guests were ready and waiting to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous bride and see these two married. As Kristy hid around the corner, guests were lined up with cameras and iPhones excited to snap a photo. Once she reached the alter with Guy, they began their ocean side ceremony. The backdrop of the sun and boats was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Anthony’s even supplied some palm trees on the beach to give it a bit of a destination wedding feel.
After some fun on the beach with the family, bridal party, and happy couple, it was time to get the party started. And what a party it was. We have to commend friends and family on their enthusiasm and energy from start to finish. The dance floor was never empty and the laughter continued you all night. Everyone did a wonderful job of helping Guy and Kristy celebrate this momentous occasion. They helped make it an even more memorable day than it was already. We want to thank everyone for making our job fun and easy. Enjoy the photos!

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Michelle & Scott–Brought To Life

Michelle & Scott Blog - 062

Michelle & Scott
July 26, 2013
Getting Ready: Simsbury Inn
Photos & Ceremony: Ethel Walker School & Chapel
Reception: The Riverview

Jake and I have been to the Riverview many times, and it is always a beautiful venue. However, Scott and Michelle went above and beyond transforming the Riverview from a just vision to a perfect celebration. They gave new meaning to the phrase, “bringing it to life.” Before I get to that part, let me rewind and start at the beginning.
We met Michelle and the girls at the Simsbury Inn for photos. It is always a nice place for bridal photos. We had a blast with the girls who were excited for their camera shots, and they brought fun to every photo. And I must mention that Michelle is absolutely gorgeous. I am not sure she could take a bad photo. After everyone was dressed and ready, Michelle and Scott opted for a first look. While we respect each couple’s individual decision on when to see each other, we love the idea of a first look. They had a private moment to talk with each other and share their excitement and anticipation of the day. Not to mention it provided us with plenty of time to get some beautiful photos.

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Laura & Steven–SNEAK PEEK

Laura & Steven - 268

Laura & Steven Engagement Session
Lyman Orchards

We had an awesome time exploring Lyman Orchards on Sunday evening with Laura and Steven. We had gorgeous weather and a beautiful sunset on the hilltop. The acreage is extensive, and we weren’t quite sure where to head for photos. So we enlisted the help of Gracie at the orchard to give us a mini tour of some must see spots. She gave us some great ideas. Here is a peek at some of the photos. There are more to come soon…

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Micah’s Mitzvah Photos

Micah and Family
West Hartford, CT:
Young Israel Synagogue

Jake and I had the pleasure of meeting this warm, fun, and energetic blended family a couple weeks ago to document Micah’s bar mitzvah. We met the family at the synagogue for some photos to commemorate the occasion. Micah did a little practicing with us inside the temple before we headed outside for some family photos. While we were with everyone, we took the opportunity to get a few head shots, photos with all the siblings, and a some great photos of Micah all on his own. This was such a sweet family, and they were all so excited to have come from near and far to watch Micah become a man of the Jewish community. We want to thank all of you for a great photo session. Enjoy!

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Kristy & Guy–SNEAK PEEK


Kristy and Guy
July 27, 2013
New Haven, CT
Anthony’s Oceanview

Here are a few beautiful photos from last Saturday’s wedding. Kristy and Guy are the sweetest duo. You could see how excited these two families were to have a new member added to the family. It was a beautiful afternoon on the ocean. Everyone had the opportunity to put their toes in the sand for the ceremony and photos. The weather was gorgeous and the ocean view was the perfect backdrop to the reception. There are many more photos to come from this lively reception. In the meantime, enjoy!

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Michelle and Scott–SNEAK PEEK


Michelle & Scott
July 26, 2013
Simsbury, CT:
Ethel Walker Chapel
The Riverview

Jake and I had photographed two weddings this past weekend. The weather was perfect both days. We kicked off the weekend with an amazing wedding on Friday at the Ethel Walker Chapel and Riverview. Michelle and Scott looked amazing. Although everyone woke up to rain in the morning, it was a beautiful afternoon for our photos on Ethel Walker School’s grounds. We had such a fantastic time with their friends and family. Their reception at the Riverview was so different than any wedding I have ever had the privilege of seeing in this location thanks to Michelle and Scott’s vision for the day and the handwork of Jason and his team at CT Party Pros. They did an awesome job bringing everything to life…literally! There is so much to show and tell about this reception, but I will save all the exciting things for the full wedding blog post. In the meantime, we wanted to share a few photos of this gorgeous couple. Stay tuned for much more to come in the next few weeks there are many details you must check out.

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An Annual Meeting–Family Photos on the Beach

Beach house family photos - 002 retouched

Family Photos in Clinton, CT

Jake and I headed to the beach 4th of July week to meet up with this sweet family. We have deemed it our annual meeting, although it is really this family’s annual get together. Last year at almost the exact, we joined everyone for Amy and Jeff’s wedding. I can’t believe it has already been a year. Time is moving so quickly. Everyone was looking great and having fun together as usual. It was a beautiful evening on the CT Shore, and it was a fun way for this family to end their day at the beach. Thanks everyone for inviting us to join in on some of your annual family time. It was wonderful to see everyone.

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Erika and Ari–Best Paired With Each Other

Ari and Erika Blog - 067

Erika and Ari
June 9, 2013
Saltwater Farm Vineyard
Stonington, CT

There are so many things to write about this wedding and this couple. But the one thing I really want to share has nothing to do with the actual wedding at all. However it really highlights the tremendous love and admiration that Ari and Erika have for each other. When I emailed the preview of the wedding a few weeks back, I received Ari’s vacation response in return. It began with, “I am out of the office celebrating marrying the incomparable Erika.” His love for her was evident the first moment we met. It was reinforced by a sweet and heartfelt speech he gave about his bride at the wedding. And it was carried right through to a simple but loving away message in his email. Erika returns that love in each glance she gives Ari in life and in every photograph we captured on their wedding day. Not only is Erika incomparable but they are an incomparable couple. It was wonderful to witness this love and incredible wedding day.
We had been looking forward to the wedding for almost a year. We love the Saltwater Farm. We photographed Ari’s brother and sister-in-law’s wedding last Fall. And we know the family well. We were excited and the wedding exceeded our expectations. It was gorgeous sunny afternoon sandwiched between weeks of rain. The sky was bright blue and the venue looked gorgeous. The decor looked amazing. I have to give credit not only to the bride and groom for the details, but to the caters, Gourmet Galley, for the best food I have ever had at a wedding. They put together an amazing menu, which was paired with wine from the vineyard. Ari and Erika were very particular with each detail. They picked the venue for its setting, its vibe, and of course their love for the wine. They personally selected all the flowers, centerpieces, and linens. And they paid attention to even the littlest of details. Ari and Erika shared their excitement about the day, the food, and the party each time we spoke. Friends and family certainly weren’t disappointed.
There were many special moments and hilarious moments throughout the day. Whenever Ari and his brothers are together, you can be sure laughs will follow. Although sorry boys, I think Grandpa Howard, delivered the best laugh of the day. However my favorite conversation was one we had with Ari. I loved his explanation for waiting to see Erika until they were together under the chuppah. He told us that they could have opted for a first look. They knew it would have given them more time at the party with friends and family. However he said he had been to many, many cocktail hours, and he will go to many, many more. However he would only get one opportunity to see his bride for the first time as she walked down the aisle. And what a beautiful grass aisle on the edge of the vineyards it was.
Erika looked gorgeous in her dress. You would never have guessed that she experienced a bride’s biggest nightmare about two months before her wedding. A broken foot! Instead of shopping for 4in stilettos, Erika spent her time searching for the cutest flats she could find. In the end she even had to kick off the ballet flats for sneakers. But either way there were no crutches just dancing shoes. She and Ari shared a choreographed first dance that was a favorite moment of the wedding. The party was high energy and these friends and family came to dance! We really hope you enjoy looking through the photos and checking out this incredible wedding. Ari and Erika, we thank you both for including us in your day. We were very honored to have been a part of it.

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Sarah and Andy–The “Day” of Our Lives

Sarah and Andy
June 8, 2013
Wychwood Turkey Farm
North Stonington, CT

Sarah and Andy had such a beautiful and fun wedding. The location was amazing. It is always nice to photograph a wedding at a venue that is so personal to the couple. Sarah and Andy were married on the grass airplane runway of Wychwood Farm. The farm is a turkey farm in North Stonington (keep that in mind when Thanksgiving comes around), which has been in Andy’s Stepdad’s family for generations. Not only were the grounds for the wedding fantastic but so was the turkey they served at the reception! Guests sat in the actual airplane hangar and under a tent in an open green field, toasted and laughed with this happy couple, and helped them dance the night away. Sarah is by far the most animated bride we have encountered. She gave us and everyone else plenty of laughs and fun throughout the day. Their family and friends were warm and welcoming and a pleasure to spend the day with. Sarah and Andy spent plenty of time putting thought into the many vintage and rustic details of the day. It has been some of my favorite decor we have seen. Sarah’s father grew most of the flowers and did all of the amazing arrangements and bouquets himself. The guests were served dinner on a variety of china, and the centerpieces consisted of different floral arrangements in eclectic glass and china vases. But while all of that was wonderful none of it held a candle to the hilarious wedding vows that this couple shared. They were personal, loving, and funny just like the two people reciting them. Jake and I couldn’t have been more excited and thrilled to have been a part of this wedding celebration. Sarah and Andy thank you for making us a part of your day. It was truly a wedding to remember!

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Michelle and Scott–The Time is Almost Here

Michelle & Scott - 208

Michelle and Scott
Engagement Shoot
Southford Falls

Jake and I had an another beautiful engagement shoot the other day. Michelle and Scott are gorgeous couple. Their wedding is coming up in a little over a month, and we can’t wait. They have a ton of exciting stuff planned, which we have promised to keep a secret. But you will definitely have to check back for their wedding blog to see how their wedding vision comes to life.

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Sarah and Andy–SNEAK PEEK

sneak peek - 17

Someone was looking down from the heavens on all the brides and grooms who were married this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday were two amazing, sunny days sandwiched between endless rain. Sarah and Andy were particularly lucky since their venue was not quite conducive to rain. We did two weddings back to back last weekend which were both in Stonington, CT. And ironically they were both in converted airplane hangars.

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Sarah and Andrew–Two Love Birds

S and A Blog - 41

Sarah and Andrew
May 19, 2013
Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park

This wedding was very special for Jake and me. For one, as I have mentioned in the past, Jake and I were married at this venue. This was the first wedding I have worked at the mansion since joining Jake a couple years ago. It was nice to reminisce and see how another bride took her vision and brought the mansion to life. Sarah and Andrew did a great job of adding personal touches throughout the mansion. The flowers, photos, cute little birds everywhere, and even a time capsule were nice pieces of the day.

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Elaine and Ryan–I’ve Found The One

Elaine and Ryan Blog - 05

Elaine and Ryan
May 18, 2013
Photos: Harkness Park and Enders Island
Reception: At Home in the Backyard!

Elaine and Ryan were officially our most laid back couple to date. We started with photos at Harkness park in Waterford, CT. Ryan and Elaine drove together, just the two of them, to meet us. From there they took us on a mini CT shoreline tour. Photos at Harkness are always beautiful. It is a great backdrop for the couple’s photos and family photos. It is a location with a little bit of everything, some greenery and a little sand between the toes. From there we all piled in our cars and headed to Montville for their ceremony. Once these two were married, their bridal party (and the newest family member, their puppy) joined us at Enders Island for some photos oceanside. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the location, it is the very tip of Mason’s Island in Mystic, CT where the monastery resides. From there we headed just a few blocks to Elaine and Ryan’s home. It is here where they held their reception.

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CT Bride Magazine–Yay, We’re Featured!

Kristiana and Steve Blog - 34

First let me start by congratulating Kristiana and Steve for planning a gorgeous wedding. They were married last September at the Jonathan Edwards Winery in Stonington, CT. Their wedding photos posted on our blog caught the eye of CT Bride Magazine. They have decided to feature their wedding in the next issue! Along with Kristiana and Steve, A Thyme to Cook and Stems Floral Design did an amazing job bringing this couple’s wedding vision to life. If you want to check out all of Kristiana and Steve’s wedding details or see the amazing venue, you can revisit our blog post, “Kristiana and Steve–Wine All Around.” I have posted a little montage refresher below. Enjoy!

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Sarah and Andrew–SNEAK PEEK

DSC_1529--cropped 2

Here is a little preview of our Harkness wedding from this past weekend. These two were absolutely adorable and so much fun to spend the day with. Jake and I also have a special place in our hearts for their wedding venue since we were married there as well. There are many more great photos to come, but in the meantime enjoy the teaser.

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Ryan and Elaine–SNEAK PEEK

Elaine and Ryan Blog - 03

Here is a little teaser from Ryan and Elaine’s wedding this past Saturday. They had a beautiful afternoon on the CT shoreline, which we were very honored to have documented. There will be many more for viewing soon, but in the meantime here is a preview.

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Celebrating Jessica

Jess Blog - 07

Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah
May 4, 2013
Tower Ridge Country Club

We joined Jessica and her family last week to document Jess’ Bat Mitzvah. Jessica and her family were super sweet. We were so honored to be a part of this momentous occasion in her life. We were able to get some time with Jess and her family as she rehearsed for her big day, and what we saw was extremely impressive. A Mitzvah is a big and stressful occasion that takes a lot of hard work. Learning all of the Hebrew is challenging, but Jess did an amazing job. When it was all over, everyone was ready to get the party started. Jess had a smile on from the start of her party until the very end. Her friends were excited to be celebrating with her and had a blast with all of the games and activities. This was a wonderful event for us to document. It was a very beautiful afternoon at the Tower Ridge Country Club. Congratulations on a job well done as you and your family celebrate this Jewish milestone. We hope all of you enjoy the photos!

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Leslie & Mike–An Urban Oasis

2 - 24

Leslie and Mike’s Engagement Shoot
Boston Common

We had our first engagement shoot of the spring, and it was gorgeous. Leslie and Mike were awesome to photograph. They were fun, photogenic, and daring. We started in Boston Common where the park is in full bloom. There was almost too much beauty. It was hard not to stop on every bench and under every tree for a photo. In fact, Leslie and Mike probably felt like we did. The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful for an evening stroll. Leslie and Mike looked great every time they posed for a photo. And once they warmed up to the camera, they were truly up for anything. After we left the park, we took a stroll down a few of the bordering streets. In platform heels Leslie was persuaded to climb up a concrete wall for a photo. She looked a bit skeptical but she and Mike scaled the wall like champs. It was all worth it for a great shot of the Boston skyline as the sun was setting! We couldn’t have asked for better subjects or a better day for photos. Leslie and Mike, thanks for the Boston adventure. We can’t wait for the wedding!

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Leslie & Mike–Engagement Preview

3 - 02

Leslie and Mike
Boston Common

Jake and I headed to Boston this week for an incredible engagement shoot. The weather was gorgeous. The sun was shining. The tulips were in the bloom. The flowers were budding on the trees, and Leslie and Mike look amazing. They are a fun and extremely photogenic duo. There are more photos to come soon. But enjoy the preview!

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Sarah and Jim’s Waterview Wedding

Jim and Sarah 1 - 32

Sarah and Jim
March 9, 2013
The Waterview

Jake and I were very excited to start our 2013 wedding season a couple weeks ago. We kicked it off with Sarah and Jim, and we couldn’t think of a better couple to spend the day with. They were married at the Waterview in Monroe, CT, and it was an awesome afternoon. Snow blanketed the ground, but the weather felt like spring. We weren’t sure what mother nature would bring, but she brought a perfect weather day. The weather was warm enough that everyone was willing to head outside for a few photos in the snow. It was a gorgeous day for these two the tie the knot! Jake and I had a great time with their family and friends. Sarah and Jim were excited and welcoming as soon as we walked through the door. You can see the love on their faces and the faces of their family and friends throughout the day. It is always so rewarding to be a part of a day like this. We hope you enjoy looking through the photos as much as we enjoyed capturing the images.

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Evan’s Bar Mitzvah–A Slam Dunk

Evan Blog - 22

Evan’s Bar Mitzvah
December 1, 2012
Basketball Hall Of Fame

Let me start by saying that at some time in my life, I want to have a party at this venue. My house is a household dedicated to basketball. Jake and I had one of our first dates here, and we loved it. So, were super excited to see how the Hall of Fame was transformed for an event. We were not disappointed and nor were any of Evan’s guests. In fact there was almost so much to see and do that it was hard to keep track of where everyone was from one moment to the next. And the best part was that the adults had just as much fun at this party as the kids.

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Sarah and Andrew–A Love To Be Thankful For

Sarah and Andrew Blog - 15

Jake and I had a great engagement shoot with this couple over the holiday weekend. We met them at their wedding venue otherwise known as Andrew’s family home. Sarah and Andrew currently live in Minneapolis, MN, so we had to take advantage of the time they had in town for some photos. While it was a bit brisk outside, it could not have been a better time for a photo shoot.

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Jess and Steve–With Traditional Flair

jess & steve blog - 35

Jess and Steve
November 3, 2012
Greentree Country Club
New Rochelle, NY

Planning a wedding can be stressful under the best of circumstances. Now imagine that you have planned a wedding on the NY coast scheduled the Saturday after Hurricane Sandy. The venue was without power for a few days. The outdoor beach area took a hit. And the church had a large tree in the front yard fall across the driveway. But everything was fixed up in time for the wedding. Jess and Steve rolled with the punches and did a great job of putting it out of their minds. In the end it all worked out. There were a few minor adjustments, but they were still able to get their special day which was amazing and full of high energy dancing and plenty of fun.

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Rachel and Alex–Smiles All Around

Rachel and Alex Blog - 44

Alex and Rachel
October 14, 2012
Temple Emanu-El
Closter, NJ

Jake and I had been looking forward to this wedding for a while. We had a great time doing Alex and Rachel’s engagement shoot. Their personalities are infectious, so we expected a fun wedding with lots of laughs and festivities. We were definitely not disappointed. Both families were excited for this couple to join in marriage and all guests were ready for a great party. It was also nice for us since we know Alex’s family. Jake grew up in the same town and has known the family for years. In fact, we will be joining them again for Alex’s brother’s wedding next summer.

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Colleen and Jason–An Autumn Wedding

Colleen and Jay Blog - 24

Colleen and Jason
October 13, 2012

Ceremony–Saint Catherine of Siena, West Simsbury, CT
Reception–Simsbury Inn

Colleen and Jason kicked off our fall weddings. The leaves on the trees had finally changed and were coloring the Simsbury hillside. They wanted some fall photos around and about the Simsbury area. They were a trusting duo, and they let us choose the location for their photos. There was a open field down the street from the church with the colorful hills in the background that looked perfect to us. It turned out to be an excellent places for some photos. The hills in the background were painted with the colors of fall. We were able to capture the perfect light to add even more intrigue to the photos.

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Matt and Kate–A LOVEly Stroll

Kate and Matt Blog - 30

Matt and Kate
Engagement Photos
Boston Common

Jake and I headed to Boston Common for a great engagement shoot. Kate and Matt met at college in Boston, so they thought it fitting to take their photos in a city that is so special to both of them. We always the love the idea of heading to new places and using locations with a personal suggestion. It was a beautiful afternoon for photos in the Park. But we weren’t the only people to have the idea. The park was packed with people enjoying the weather, walking their dogs, and playing with children and friends. We even saw a few bridal parties having their photos taken. Kate and Matt did an amazing job of blocking out everyone but each other. We had a great time with them as we moved throughout the park taking advantage of its beautiful scenery. Kate even brought along some fun props that everyone enjoyed using. Kate and Matt, thanks for a great trip to Boston! Enjoy…

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SNEAK PEEK–Rachel and Alex

rachel and alex sneak peek - 08

SNEAK PEEK–Rachel and Alex
Love these two! They are just as adorable and fun in person as they are behind the camera. We had an awesome time with the two of them as well as their friends and family. There are many more great photos to come. In the meantime, enjoy the little teaser.

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SNEAK PEEK–Colleen and Jason

C&J Wedding - 0741

Colleen and Jason
Simsbury, CT

Colleen and Jason were married a couple weeks ago on a beautiful fall day. The church was amazing to photograph in, and I managed to find an awesome field just down the street for the photos. We had a great time with the couple and the bridal party during their photo session. There are many more great photos to come. Enjoy the preview!

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Mom, Dad, and Sophie–Alot Can Happen In A Year

Jen and Jace Blog-1

Jen, Jace, and Sophie
Family Portrait Session
Haddam Meadows State Park

Before you look through the photos, let me answer a couple questions for you. Yes, these are real people. We did not use models. Yes, Jen really did give birth 3 months ago! She looks fantastic. Yes, they should look familiar since we photographed their amazing wedding little more than a year ago.

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Jen and Carlos– Wedding Celebration Take 2

Jen and Carlos

Beth El

West Hartford, CT

Jen and Carlos were married on the beach in Mexico. From what we hear it was the perfect day to have your feet in the sand and exchange wedding vows. But the wedding was small and intimate not to mention a bit far for everyone to travel. For those who are local and and wanted to congratulate the couple, Jen’s parents held a luncheon at the temple. Jen and Carlos made the journey from their west coast home to join everyone in the celebration.

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Kristy & Guy

kristy and guy blog - 20

Kristy and Guy
Engagement Photos
Wickham Park

Kristy and Guy are adorable and fun. We had a great time taking photos with them. We somehow managed to choose the two busiest days to attempt a photo session at Wickham Park. We decided against a day with a war reenactment. Only we ended up finding ourselves in the midst of an invitational, high school cross country race. You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but the park was packed. I have never seen it so crowded before! However, Kristy and Guy did great. They were good sports about dodging the crowd and finding quieter places in the park for photos. We also decided to leave the madness and head down the street for a walk along a beautiful trail. The colors really represented the fall feel Kristy and Guy were looking to capture. And the trail was a beautiful place for us all to take a stroll. Enjoy the photos!

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