Tyler & Lisa–Marriage is a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

Tyler & Lisa
September 14, 2013
Sacred Heart Parish, Greewich, CT
Binney Park, Greenwich, CT
Shenorock Shore Club, Rye, NY

These two signed up for the long haul, and they exchanged their vows on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. If you hadn’t guessed, this couple loves physical activities, especially running. They have entered countless races together, so they decided to make it a part of their wedding day. Each guest table commemorated a different race that Tyler and Lisa did together. They are well aware what it means to prepare yourself for a marathon. Any married couple will tell you that, like a marathon, marriage may not always be easy, but it is most definitely rewarding. Tyler and Lisa, congratulations on starting this journey and welcome to the club!

Once the ceremony was over, we joined the bridal party in Binney Park for some photos and laughs. This was the very same park that Lisa’s parents took their wedding photos over 30 years ago. It was nice to keep the tradition going. The park and the afternoon was perfect for photos. For those of you who have not visited the park, I would like to make mention that it is home to the LARGEST snapping turtles I have ever seen. I mentioned this to the bridal party as well. I know they thought I was over exaggerating right up until one surfaced in the water. They, too, were impressed with the size of those creatures.

From the park, it was on to the Shenorock Shore Club. The club was renovated not long ago, and it was beautiful, elegant, and classic just like the wedding. The Shore Club is a piece of Tyler’s family history. So, Lisa and Tyler managed to incorporate a little piece of each family into the day to make it that much more special. On the big deck outside the club, guests were able to take advantage of the ocean view and the sunset as well as put their toes in the sand. Jake and I had a wonderful time with family and friends at the wedding. This group came to celebrate and party. They were entertained by Turntable Events, who made it a fun night in Rye. We were very honored to have been a part of the celebration. Tyler and Lisa, we thank you for including us. Enjoy!

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