Welcoming Emilie–Newborn & Family Photos At Home

Kevin, Christina, Jake, and Emilie
Family Photos
Private Residence
August 21, 2014

Emilie was born just two weeks before our photo session. Jake and I wanted to meet the family and capture those sweet newborn moments that only occur right after a baby is born. And by this I mean those precious, sleepy moments. However Emilie was too excited for her first photos and fun evening with her family to miss the action! I have never seen a little baby wake up and be so alert for the camera. Emilie propped herself up and looked right at Jake for her very first photos. She was adorable and a pro behind the camera.

We also had a great time with Emilie’s big brother, Jake. He was excited to show us all his favorite boy things outside. Jake followed little Jake as he climbed a tree, played with his football, and did some jumping on the trampoline. When it came time to take a few photos with his little sister, he did a great job cooperating for the photos. Jake has adjusted well to life as a big brother, and it was great to document the family all together.

As soon to be parents of another girl, we were quite impressed with how relaxed Kevin and Christina were with the kids. We are a bit anxious about bringing home another baby, so I am hoping we are as well put together and comfortable as these two parents! We had a great time with everyone and really enjoyed meeting the family. Thanks Christina and Kevin for letting us document this wonderful milestone in your family.

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