Baby’s First Photo Session at Holcomb Farm

This was another one of those special sessions for us. It was the session where we get to see life after the wedding. We photographed Jeff and Patty’s wedding 5 years ago. I have known Jeff’s mom for almost a decade. And we have met the whole family at not one, but two family weddings! It is so nice for us to see life as a happily married couple and meet the newest family addition. Lila is positively adorable. I can’t get enough of babies, and she is just so darn cute. Lila was snuggly, warm, and sound asleep when we all met at the farm. We weren’t sure how the transition from sleep to camera ready would go, but Lila was awesome. There was never a peep or so much as a sad face. She was a laid back baby who rocked her very first photo session. We certainly hope it was the first of many to come!

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